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Fall is here

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Even though it is very hot here, I can feel fall in the air.

We have a village where I live and in the summer we have a Farmers Market every Thursday. Next week is the last one till next summer.
Some of the stores have the Halloween things out already. I love the Fall, but I am going to miss the hot summer nights with the movies under the stars, that we have at one of the near by parks.
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I love fall... it's my favorite season. I love the smell and the chill in the air. My only complaint is that it's way too short in my neck of the woods. Seems like it starts late every year, and ends early.
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I love Fall as well. The turning of the leaves, (hate to rake them though) harvesting the walnuts and pecans and filberts, getting everything canned before winter. Though this year, our garden failed miserably. The corn is just now knee high! All the neighbors around us have experienced the same dismal results so probably the garden will be plowed under and not harvested this year.

I love the crisp turn in the air, and as fall progresses the thin layer of frost in the morning signifying winter is on the way. And I love the rain storms!
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Around here, some of the trees have small patches of fall color, and there are a few leaves on the ground already. I'm hoping we have a l-o-n-g and warm fall season this year. ( Winter's coming, YUCK!!!!)
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Grade school started here last Monday.

The Geese are flocking.

Halloween Decorations are out in the stores.

Garden supplies are on sale.

Fall flowers are beginning to bud, some ready to bloom.

My flowering Crabapple trees are nearly bare already -- they are the first to drop their leaves.

College starts on Tuesday.

Yep, fall is here.
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Well, we can't feel it down here yet . . . still hot and humid . . . send some cool air our way, please, LOL!
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Fall is definately here. A high of 61 today and low of 40 tonight. That means the trees will soon start to turn color. I noticed the apple trees are full of apples, so a trip to the local apple orchard needs to be planned. I love machintosh apples for pie backing and canning applesauce.
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I can't wait! (It's 97 here today).
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