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I think I have been jinxed!

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I have been having a very bad run of luck the past several months and just feel jinxed.

Hubby lost his job, and the kids are acting up more than usual. Frankie getting stepped on and then losing the 5 kittens in one litter, to an unidentified skin problem on some of the kittens, then ringworm on others, just one thing after another. As soon as one clears up another begins. I amng 2 different shampoos for my kittens now. I have had several people come to see my kittens, even pick out the one they want, and then I don't hear from them again. We sit and play with the kittens and talk, sometimes for over an hour or two, I even had one woman pay for the kitten take it home for one night and return it in the morning!

I just don't know what is going on and am running out of money for the ads in the paper, vet bills and all the other necessaties. I have 7 kittens that haven't found homes as of yet.

I am at my wits end and wish there was some way to determine if someone jinxed me or if it is all just coinsidence...(sp) Any cleansing rituals out there that may help clear away the bad vibes? HELP!
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Hmm well a good way to send bad luck away is to hang a mirror (or something mirrored, like wind chimes) on or just outside of your front door.

If I lived closer, I'd come over and do a house blessing for you. See, us witches are good for something
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I've always had great respect for witches! Always wanted to learn and even made a circle in the back yard when I was a teen. We had a chain link fence and a nosey neighbor so rituals were out of the question. I also have a 13 year old son who is interested and I encourage him to learn what he can.

I will see about a mirror first thing in the morning!
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I didn't know about the mirrored item outside the front door. I've also had more 'bad luck' in the past 9 months or so than I would prefer.

I may have to buy out the mirrored windchimes at the local Walmarts tomorrow.

Thanks Sue!
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I don't have any advice.

I just hope all the nasty vibes leave you and your family and furrkids- TCS Board Magick coming your way!

Tonnes of hugs!
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I'm not a witch, so I don't have any advice in that department . . . but sending good luck and hope-everything-works-out vibes your way!
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I've burnt my favorite incense (sage is a good one for cleansing) and walked around the inside and outside perimeters of my homes while repeating a prayer I truly believe in and it's worked wonders.
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Sage is an excellent cleanser. The Native Americans used/use it for smudging, a ritual cleansing of an area.
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At night before I go to sleep I just say over and over again in my head that things will get better and I fall asleep thinking that. It normally works. If you truly truly beleave something will happen it is more likly to. But if you wake up and say what is going to go wrong today you are just inviting trouble in.
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I'm a firm believer that bad luck happens in bursts, and all of a sudden, when you least expect it, outstanding things start happening in your life! I also believe that things happen for a reason, and perhaps this is just one of those times that was meant for you to learn and grow personally. All I can suggest is to learn from these experiences.

Case in point: I lost 2 kittens last month to FeLV and have a positive adult healthy boy that I'm trying to find a home for. Thru the research that I've done on this disease, and in trying to find him a home, I've linked up with some of the most fantastic people that I've ever met. Better yet, I'm starting to volunteer at a no-kill shelter to help other homeless pets. I think I've found my calling.

The silver lining is there if you can find it!!!!

But if it helps:

~~~~~~~positive vibes coming your way~~~~~~~~~~
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I do remember that sea salt-water is also excellent for cleansing. One witch I knew always sprinkled sea salt water around her front door whenever she moved into a place. Since you live in CA (but I don't know how far from the ocean you are!) this may be much easier for you than it was for her in Colorado!

Teresa, the biggest thing about cleansing is to concentrate on yourself and your surroundings. It has to be quiet so you don't have distractions. Cleansings don't need to be elaborate rituals. Sit in a quiet room, since a lot seems to be focusing around the kittens maybe sit in the cat room. The cats can be there, just try not to let them distract you. Quiet your mind, and concentrate on ridding yourself and your home of negative energy. See white light pushing the negative darkness away. Lighting some candles and burning incense, like the sage that was mentioned, will help you concentrate and draw the positive energy in. Use white candles.

Hope this helps!
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These are all exellent suggestions. I will do them all. I hope the kitties find furever homes as it is getting harder to type with threee kittens trying to get to the key boaard.
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