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Well, I did it . . .

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I made a spay appointment for Luna! Now that her ringworm is all cleared up, she's going to be spayed and micro-chipped. Her appointment is on September 10th, so I'm going to need hugs that day, since my baby will be in surgery!!!

And yes, I know she'll be fine . . . but still . . . she's my baby . . . y'all understand, I'm sure. I'm just sad her lovely soft tummy fur will be gone for awhile.
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It will grow back! All the cat rescuers are standing at their computer chairs giving you an ovation for being a responsible pet owner! THANK YOU!
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Yeah it will grow back... into a fat pad

That's great that you're getting her spayed and microchipped. You are doing a good thing for her! I'm sure she'll be fine!
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I'm saying a big thanks Viva- You are doing a wonderful thing.

Many hugs for that day to you and Luna!

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That's great Viva. I'm sure that Luna will be just fine, but I'll be keeping her in my thoughts on the day of her spay.
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good luck!! it will be fine!! Alllllll of my girls are going in on september 11
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