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cat has fever--- not eating drinking

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On Friday, my cat did not eat breakfast.  In the evening she did not eat her dinner.  On Saturday morning I put her food bowl out & she did not eat so off to the vet.  He ran tests (results back tomorrow)  injected a bag of fluid/b vitamins  and gave her a shot of antibiotics.  Its has been 24 hours and this morning she is still lethargic/not eating or drinking.   For how long will that fluid pack keep her hydrated?    ....and if anyone else has experienced anything similar, how long until she starts feeling better?  She is &  has always been very healthy & happy.   It breaks my heart  :(  Thanks for any and all advice.

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Can you still feel the fluid bubble?  I would think the vet would have given her sufficient to carry through the weekend.  If you are very concerned, why not make a call to the vets service....he can then call you and reassure you that she has enough to carry her through.


I hope you get your answers tomorrow.  Nothing ever happens during the week...frown2.gif  Always weekends.


Let us know how the tests came out if you can.  I am sure others will be on soon to help also.



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nope, i cant see the pouch...  he said it would dissolve in 12-ish hours.   I will see if there is a way to reach him....  in such a panic i did not think to ask how long the fluids would last for her.   thanks so much.

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In my experience when I have given or the vet has given sub-q fluids (sub q means under the skin) it usually is gone within an hour or so. The fluid is quickly absorbed by the body since it's lacking water intake from a cat not eating/drinking.

Your cat can survive without food for several days actually, but not water. The fluid she recieved yesterday is gone. She will not get any appetite recovery for another day or 2 since it takes about 2 days for the shot to start working. She will not starve but she will hurt herself by lack of water.


This means she needs you to give her water. Use a syringe, if you don't have one or can't get one you can use an eye dropper. Put her on the counter or table, in a sitting position/or laying if she insists, put your left arm around her back so your hand is at her throat/chin area. Slide your hand up her throat and push her chin up. Using your right hand armed with the syringe, work it into the side of her cheek around her back teeth, squirt.

Don't try squirting it down her throat, it will only cause her to resist, making it more of a struggle the next time. They don't like the feeling of being choked with water that they do not feel up to drinking.

Do this over and over until she has had many (at least 10) dropperfuls. If you repeat this several times during the day today, she will be fine until you know what's going on.

Something that I have found to really get them to drink water, even when they reeeally don't want anything, is draining tuna water into a dish, equally as good is a jar of chicken baby food with water added by you, warmed up in the microwave until it's very warm. This makes it irresistable.

Don't panic, just be sure to keep water in her.

She may have simply picked up a virus, it can look so bad, like there is something very wrong, but once it runs it's course, approx 3 days, they recover quickly, no harm done.

If she goes outdoors, or even if not, you can carry a bug into the house on your shoes. Stay calm, it will be okay!  agree.gif

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thanks for the advice!  off to get dropper and baby food now!   she is staying inside...   curled up in a furryball is all.   cant wait until she is purring again!

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How's it going?

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hello there!   yesterday we did the baby food and water drops... this morning stevens  (the sweet sick kitty)  got up with me & the other cat... she did not eat but we did another round of baby food & water & this afternoon she lapped water from her bowl all on her own!!  she is still not eating--- maybe at dinner time... also- she hopped onto the window and we went for a stroll around the house together.... what an improvement!    still waiting to hear from the vet on test results but am so glad she seems to be in better spirits!   thanks for the advice!

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update: songbirds fever is the diagnosis! more antibiotics & Kitty should be feeling much better tomorrow. really scary there.... mucous-y poop... lethargic...fevered... will update tomorrow too! thanks for the advice & support!
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Glad you kitty is feeling better.

What is Songbird Fever--never heard of it.  Is you cat indoor/outdoor?

(Where do you live?)


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my cat is an inside/outside... and songbird fever is caused by eating bad meat/birds... here is a link with a better explanation... also-- we live in portland oregon.

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Thanks.  I take care of a feral/stray/dumped cat colony, which is why I asked.  There are a lot of birds around though the cats seem to have taken care of any mice problem.

Sometimes the cats (my favorites, of course) disappear; I wonder what happened to them.  Perhaps they ate diseased birds.

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Glad the baby food/water helped, it seems to even stimulate their appetite too, which should return very soon if it hasn't already.

Songbird fever is always a possibility, not all that common, but def. happens. Same with an occasional mouse, but less common even.

Antibiotics will do the job, he is already out of danger.

Great job!!

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Oops, sorry, I meant SHE!

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