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Playtime in the tunnel!

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These guys love these tunnels, we've had them for several months now, and the beauty of it is that you can change the configuration so they always get something new. Love 'em!!!

Camping out patiently, I'm sure I saw a mouse in there.....

Is this what they meant by "The Road Less Traveled"?

More to come!
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Good grief! That is a technicolor worm! How do you not trip over this in the dark?
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Rush Hour!!

The Mighty Stalker....

End of pics!
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Wow!! That is pretty cool

I sooooooooooooo dont have room for even ONE of those in my house
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Cute picture! Blondie gets expressions like that sometimes, but I never get to the camera in enough time to catch it!
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Ohhh! HaHa Great pictures!
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Those tunnels look like SO much fun for the kits!! Great photos!

I want one!
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My cats would love that! Where did you find it? I have to get one!
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Yes, yes! Where do you get one! Looks like I have the Xmas present for all the kitties at my parents' house!
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I'm looking at these and pondering how to make them myself! It looks like they are made with sturdy wire circles, with the outside material being kite-fabric, and an inner liner of possibly white muslin. Ties at each end to secure them together in sections. It also looks like the sections between the wires collapse to make it flat.

Did I get this right?
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Nakita would absolutely love that tunnel! But I would end up tripping on that one for sure!

Lucky cats!!

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I found the web site to buy them. They are $19.95 for a 4 foot tunnel and $15.95 for the "Y" connector.

I haven't shopped around, but if you do a google search on "cat tunnel", these will pop up.

Update: I also saw these online at Petsmart - not sure if they have them in their stores, but they are on sale for $19.99 online.
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love the pics, and I agree. I can now see what the babies will be gettin, they will have a hay day, and thanks for finding one place to buy them, I was going to ask what everyone else all ready has. I think I wil check pet smart tomorrow and see if they ahve anything like that.
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That looks like a BLAST! For sure the cats will love them. I have a TINY apt but I think I will look into buying this.

Only problem I can see with this for ME is at nites, my mischievous cats might scare me by jumping out of the tunnels as I walk by! My cats seem to get a kick out of jumping out/at me as I walk by but usually I can see them coming! With these tunnels, I won't but I'll buy it anyway since I am the slave to these DARLING 4 cats!!
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Glad you liked the pics!! They just love playing in them.

Momofmany: right on the nose with the materials. Didn't feel like making them, so bought instead, and this was the best bang for the buck at $20/4 ft section. I bought mine from, and I really liked this vendor. They also sell them at Petsmart, but I would have had to pay taxes, and I think their shipping was higher. I couldn't find them for less anywhere else. I did a search for "cat tunnel".

I bought 6 segments of them, they tie to each other in different configs, and the Y segment makes it even better.

Downside: they collapse, since there's no 'ribbing' to brace it, so I get the best results tying them to something stationary. Otherwise, when they dash thru them, they drag them along, of course. Another alternative is to beg some free cardboard tubes from carpet stores that can come in diameters of 1.5-2ft and up to 14ft long. (Home Depot won't give them to you) But they're not collapsible and store-able as the tunnels.
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Originally posted by superkitty
Downside: they collapse, since there's no 'ribbing' to brace it, so I get the best results tying them to something stationary. Otherwise, when they dash thru them, they drag them along, of course.
That was going to be my next question....I couldn't figure out how to make them stand up without some added bracing, and had thought of tieing them up to something. Petsmart didn't have them in their store by me - I was going to buy one and use it as a pattern.

These really wouldn't be hard to make......just where to find the time when there are so many cats to play with....
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I have one section. The inside is not muslin, its more like flannel, or even quilt batting in texture. The fact that they collapse as the cats run through them is an advantage for my two, they love bunching the tunnel up so that they can poke out of both ends at the same time.

Two funny stories.

I went to move the tunnel, and thought it was stuck on something, because I couldn't pick it up. Then a cat meowed in compaint. Bailey was sleeping inside.

And another time, I went to look, and the tunnel was rolling around on the floor. When I made a noise, one cat ran out of each end. Who knows what they were up to inside.

"When the tunnel is rockin', don't come a'knockin...."
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