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Oil belly!

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Orion was on the hunt two nights ago and dragged his belly through frying oil (cold, of course) that was splattered on the countertop.

We gave him a heck of a bath last night and soaped him up really good.

I noticed this morning, though, his fur still looks all stringy. You can't feel the oil when you touch the fur, but it's still there by the way it looks. I hope you all understand what I mean. Looks like it's wet, but it's not.

Any tricks for cleaning oily kitties? His shampoo is just some gentle cleaning stuff we got at the pet store.

Think it will eventually just wear off okay? I think it's bothering him a little, he's cleaning it more than usual, and I'm worried about mega hairballs...though maybe I shouldn't with all that oil!

The good news is, he caught the mousie.
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Did you try Dawn dishwash soap , the blue one ? With what did you bath your cat?
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Dawn (blue) works great. We cleaned up a cat who someone dumped in an oil drum one time and it came right out after 2 washings.
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Ooo. I didn't even think of using Dawn.

Orion will be so displeased with another bath!

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Maybe fluff some cornstarch in the area, then brush it out a few times before bathing him? Maybe it will absord more of the oil.
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