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New kitty Mom meows constantly!

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My cat gave birth to 5 gorgeous kittens at 3 a.m. this morning. She has been meowing constantly during birth and now after. She wont stop! is this normal? She acts hungry but refuses to eat her cat food. She hasn't had an issue with it until now. Could she be in pain or is she hungry? Nothing is pleasing her. I have had many cats in my lifetime but I have little expierence with new mommy cats. Is this normal?

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does she seem like she is in pain she might still have a kitten inside her and did you count the placentas there should of been one for each kitten

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We are good as far as that goes. It's strange because she did really well. Her meow is more of a cry than her usual meow. I don't know what she is needing. The delivery went very smooth. She was in labor for a while. I don't know if she is just still uncomfortable, and that's why she's acting strange. She has been very social and has wanted a LOT of human contact during the whole thing. If I aknowledge her she starts crying out. I am giving her plenty of space, but if I put her in another room she flips out and wants to be with me. I may be over cautious, but I am new at this. I have never had a cat that was so human oriented.

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maybe she just feels safe with you being with her and she is scared just like when we are new mums we can get scared on if we are doing it right maybe she feels like that and she wants you around specially if you was there during the birth of them

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She may be scared. She has never dealt with giving birth before, and it is a very unnverving experience. Everything is strange and different to your cat except for you, so she wants to keep you close.

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Her wanting you to be near is normal. You are her Mommy, esp as you yourself tell she is very human oriented.   This about meowing is somewhat disturbing my peace of mind. 

It CAN be pains.

Not hungry...  How many kittens? 5?! The mom is eating the placentas, and some owners witness the mom isnt hungry 24 hours afterwards - as shey did ate the placentas...

Besides, moms in the wild must rest the first 24 hours, before they can go out and hunt.

So the non-hunger isnt that peculiar.


Most moms are  clearly contend and calm, nursing their new kittens.

so unless this meowing is just for you to come, if she meows also with you present -


You must decide which variant it is.

If calling after you - OK


If meowing because in distress also with you present


I would talk with your vet.



Good luck!


ps.  dont forget to weigh them kittens every day!  this way you can very quickly notice if something is wrong, say they dont get enough food.

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