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I hurt my hand today...debating on seeing a Dr.

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Today at work, I smashed my hand. It's been 4 hours and it still hurts pretty bad. It was just stupid how I did it! I was pulling a HUGE & HEAVY rack of Mum plants(approximately 60 plants on the rack plus the weight of the metal rack! OUCH!) into the Garden Center and wasn't paying attention. I ended up smashing my hand between the heavy rack and a metal pole! I broke 2 blood vessels on the top of my hand, but I think I broke some in the palm of my hand too. My fingers are swollen a bit and it hurts to bend my middle finger. I'm sure I didn't break anything...it hurt alot, but not that bad. I'm still typing away tonight, but it aches quite a bit. I told my Store Manager about it right away and stuck some ice on it for the swelling.

I hate to go to the Dr for something as minor as blood vessels being broke. Do you think I could have damaged a tendon? Cracked a bone in the middle of my hand? I didn't smash the whole hand and fingers...my hand was pinned almost right in the center of my hand. Thats why I can't understand why my middle finger hurts so bad...it didn't even touch my fingers.

If it still hurts this bad tomorrow, I'll go to the Doctor. Right now I'm just taking some Advil for the pain and swelling & keeping some ice on it.

I'm really glad that there weren't any customers near me...I said some very inappropriate words when that happened!
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You could have pinched a nerve or something. I vote for you to go to the doctor, and make sure your company pays for it!!!!
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Shell, man that had to have hurt! I know the inappropriate words would have been flying from me also. If your hand isn't feeling better in the morning I think I would go ahead and see if there is a bone cracked in your hand.

Hope your hand feels better real soon.

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You definitely need to go to the doctor. It may be something serious.
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Since it happened on the job, my company will pay for all of the costs. I hate to cost them money for something trival though. Plus having to go through all the hoops of reporting it and the drug testing & etc.

I'm hoping I won't have to go, but if it doesn't feel better I do plan on going.
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Thanks guys!
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I hope your hand will feel better by tomorrow Shell . Sending Healing Prayers your way
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Thanks Hedi!
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I know it can be a hassle and I surely understand you don't want to cost them money but you really need to have it checked out. Please do it!
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go see the doc shell.. u never know wat went wrong inside there... go get it check first thing in the morning..
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I would definitely go to the doctor if it's still hurting tomorrow. Hope it's not a break and that it stops hurting soon.
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Ouch! Get it checked! An xray of your hand shouldn't cost your company an arm and a leg (or a hand)
If you did break something in there it might not mend properly if it isn't set and casted. Better to have it checked now than to face bigger problems later (which might end up costing your company even more in the long run).

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Aw man!! Sounds pretty painful I would just keep ice on it and take something for the pain. Most of the swelling should go down by tomorrow!!
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I wouldn't hesitate about seeing a doctor tomorrow and getting x-rays if they feel it's necessary. If you did fracture a bone, or damage a tendon, it needs appropriate treatment so all will heal promptly and well.

You sound like you were quite restrained - as in you may have said a few words, but nothing tipped over and no plant lives were lost <G>.

Hope it feels much better in the morning,
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Shell, you could have broken a bone. What you're describing sounds like when I broke a finger. At least have an xray done to make sure everything's where it's supposed to be.
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How's your hand today Shell???
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You really should go see a doctor. Hand injuries, if you've damaged anything, will heal much better with prompt treatment than if it's delayed. Wal-Mart is a huge company, and I'm sure that they've dealt with things like this on a regular basis. You can pay them back by being a good, reliable, HEALTHY employee. Go take care of it ASAP.
Hope you feel better soon!
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I have to agree to go see a doctor. Working a t a workers comp company you wouldn't beleive how many reports I've done that have seemed silly, & not really important that have ended being very serious. look at it this way, would you rather feel silly now & have nothing wrong, or silly later when you have to go thru surgery because there was .
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This is a job related injury and is covered under workmans compensation. I am in charge of this at work. You need to go to the Dr. to have the injury recorded, just in case it gets worse in the future. You need to ask your supervisor who is in charge of your workmans compensation - they will need to get you a number (they assign each accident a number and it needs to be put on all the invoices from the Dr. office) from the insurance company and an address for the Dr. office to send the bill to. If you wait, they may not pay for it and if it developes into something worse - you will end up paying the bills.
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Thanks everyone! My hand is quite sore, but it doesn't hurt as bad as last night. I can at least pick things up with this hand now. I can bend my middle finger, but it is sore yet. I've got a nice bruise on the top of my hand and the blood vessels that I broke are puffy & purplish-green colored. It's just a bruise though and it feels like a bad bruise. My fingers are a little puffy, but much better than last night.

I don't think I'll be going to the Doctor. I do plan on going out to Walmart to get a few things and I'll have Nicki my store manager look at it. If she thinks I should go, then I will. I can understand now what she goes through when things like this happen. You have save the companies butt when accidents happen, but also her own too. There are so many rules and regulations you must follow when you're the Store Manager. If she would have failed to turn in the accident and something major would happen to my hand, she could lose her job over it. But honestly, it's not that bad. I've hurt my hands worse than that before...it's just uncomfortable and sore.

Thanks again everyone!
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There's not much they can do for fractured hand bones.. they just have to heal on their own. You cant very well put a cast on your hand. If it were really serious, surgery would be necessary but it doesnt sound like it.

I know because my brother just about broke every bone in his body from a motorcycle accident last year.
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Still visit the doctor, a slight fracture in the bones or the tendons could have pulled or bruised. Putting your hand in a cast of some sort does help it rest and heal so that you don't use the fingers that need to rest. I pulled my thumb literally backwards when I was lifting and yanking a very heavy Rubbermaid container from top of the closet. And I could not use it, it hurt like heck so finally I went and they ran x-rays and luckily I didn't fracture which is what they were looking for, but the tendons were messed up. So it was in a cast for a few days which sucked since it was my writing hand, the hand I do everything with, almost everything. Anyway, it's much better, even though I can't do repetitive work. Once you pull muscles like that, they never are back to normal. So go to the doc IMO and get your hand checked out and wrapped up so that it can heal.

Sicy is your brother better since the accident? Or is he still in the hospital? Motorcycles are soooo dangerous, along with playing football, I find those two to be such dangerous things because there isn't anything to buffer the bodies from serious damage.
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Originally posted by Jellybelly
Sicy is your brother better since the accident? Or is he still in the hospital? Motorcycles are soooo dangerous, along with playing football, I find those two to be such dangerous things because there isn't anything to buffer the bodies from serious damage.
My brother is lucky to be alive. He crashed going approx. 80mph.. broke his pelvis, right leg, left ankle, shattered every bone in his left arm, right wrist, 3 ribs, punctured lung.

He was bedridden for 2 months and hospitalized for 6. The 1 year anniversary is coming up on Sept. 7. He's home and as of today he is walking fine (but his knees hurt) and his left arm is not usable because he severed his radial nerve and because of Medi-cal and insurance problems he wasnt able to get the surgery to repair that nerve in time. He has had multiple surgeries in that arm, fought a bad infection there and is finally off the antibiotics.

I do know that he will never get on a motorcycle again.. mainly because he cant, since he cant use his left arm.

I love him very much.

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ummmm..damn your brother is FINE!!!! groowwl...okay enough drooling...
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*teases JellyBelly*

(sorry shell.. back to your regularly scheduled hand thread.. )
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stop it Sicy!!! okay, one more look and that's it!
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That's ok Sicy...he's a hottie!

Glad to hear that he survived such a horrible accident!
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what's up with your hand Shell?
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Holy Macaroni Sicy!

(must stop drooling here!)

What is it with this site, the members have gorgeous brothers - Shell and Sicy and Bundy. Who else?????
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