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Blue is MIA

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she is going to be gone for a week, visiting her brother & sister, and then when she gets back, she isn't going to be able to use the computer. financially she isn't able to do it right now.

Anne, she will be getting in touch with you from her sisters house, and will be there tomorrow night or the next day. she will be able to get on her sisters computer sporadically.

she misses everybody & sends her love!

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Please pass to blue that there are free! providers out there, as long as your willing to put up with a few ads...

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Her words and thoughts will be missed. For someone so young, she seems to be decades ahead of herself. She seems to be a very old soul with more depth and character than many.
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Who else among us is unwilling to sit by whilst Blue is cut off from our board? Can somebody send me her address via a private message or electronic mail? I'm calling out the Rescue Squad in this situation! No, I'm not trying to be Dudley Do-Right; but I want to help our dear friend continue her invaluable correspondence with us via this board.

Although I'm personally unable to help her until 3rd August, I wish to stir the waters here and hopefully stimulate some emergency aid for Blue. If her monetary difficulties encompass larger matters (Mazlof's hierarchy) she can use her discretion with whatever funds become available through our efforts.

Thank you for your attention!

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I don't think it's just the internet provider fees, she mentioned that she is still paying for the computor, and that was part of the problem. I don't have her email address Mr.Cat, but someone else on here might.
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Say, regarding your new avatar, does this mean you want people to poke you in the stomach? *hopes you recall the Pillsbury Doughboy commercials*

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he's just such a friendly looking little guy. I just love his innocence, and his arms wide open stance.
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Joe....the comment about poking her in the stomache was funny! :laughing:

But...I feel a little guilty right now, about laughing, since Blue is obviously in such need of help, and we can't even reach her.

Joe... didn't you send her a copy of your CD? If must have her home address....if nothing else, could you PM me or others interested in keeping in touch with her till she returns, with her address?
Do you think she would mind?

I also do not want to sit by and do nothing while our Blue needs help. Is there anyway at all one or several of us could pay for her internet service???????????????????

I am going to miss her!!!!!
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Yes, I've Blue's "home" address. I'd forgotten I had it when I began this thread. Anyway, it isn't actually her address. Let me put it this way: It would be better if a female person contacted Blue about all this.

Mind, come 3rd August I'd like to help her with computer-system related expenses. After all, we just can't let her vanish into thin air! (Can we?) But as you see, the response here is underwhelming so far. Obviously, somebody of the opposite gland (to mine) needs to ramrod this effort for it to be effective.

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Count me in on a relief effort. I, like you, am not exactly financially solvent. (Teacher + Summer = Poverty), but I am willing to make a contribution.
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Okay, here's what I'll do. I'll send Blue an electronic-mail message indicating we want to help her stay on line. I'll tell her some of us would like to send contributions to her. Further, I'll indicate there are no strings attached to such gifts. Blue has, it seems to me, sufficient integrity that it would be unecessary for us to know her legal name and home address. Checks, for instance, needn't have the payee line filled in: She could do that herself. And, her mailing address (which I'll confirm with her) would surely suffice.

Provided I establish two-way communication, I'll announce here (in this thread) that people wishing to help should send me a private message to which I'll respond in kind with Blue's mailing address. (After all, if she can't be on line just now how will she receive my electronic-mail message? But I'll give it a go regardless.) I could send her a postal-service letter, but I'm leaving for my niece's wedding in Michigan early next week and won't be back on line myself until the end of the month.

If this plan seems flawed, please contact me via electronic mail or private message as soon as possible with your observations! Thank you, one and all.

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I haven't heard from her yet

I'd like to help too. Getting an internet connection should not be beyond anyone's limits... It would be too sad to see blue vanish just because it's too expensive! Like someone said, there are free providers out there and all that is needed for an internet connection to this site is a rotten old computer and a dial-up connection. It's not exactly graphic intensive... Also, students here get a free internet connection from the university, so maybe she could use that until she arranges somehting else.

I do miss her and I'd hate to see her go because of that! Please Joe, let us know what goes on and thanks for taking the lead on this one.
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Joe...I want to help Blue out too!!!!!!!!! I won't be back online till monday, but pleasee let me know what I can do to help!
This site won't be the same without our sweet little Blue!
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how incredibly sweet of all of you to make those kind gestures -
but, it truly isnt neccisary!

i will figure it out, or it will work itself out somehow, we're only, hmm...
$2000 in debt?

i am trying not to stress too much and make it everything,
i have a feeling we'll work it out.

- but, thank you all for your willingness to help out, it practically
broke my heart! it was so kind, and amazing to read
through this thread - and thank you Colby for starting it for me.

(i'll call you Monday)

love to everyone

i'll be back tomorrow during the day, and i'll contact you then Anne.
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As you can perceive from Blue's message (above) it's best if someone other than myself deals with our proposed assistance plan. I'll be leaving for Michigan early next week anyway; and I won't be back until the end of the month. So, I'm officially laying aside this mantle and anybody else is more than welcome to pick it up.

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I'm still in the middle of my own financial woes, but if there's anything I can do, I will be more than willing to offer assistance. Kate, can you tell your missed?
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i hope i got across how moved i was by the gesture put forth by everyone,
it just wouldnt be in my nature to accept such gifts from all of you kind people.

it means a lot to me that i am missed and you have all voiced your wish to help me,
but, like i said, i'll figure it out soon enough.

i just coudnt possibly accept any money, all i can accept is good thoughts and lots of
positive energy sent my way with a kiss

i miss all of you terribly!!

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Blue; I just want to HELP you anyway I can!! I hope you are not "Upset" that I have discussed trying to make things better for you with some others at this Site who Love you and Value you as much as I do. :daisy: :flower:


Prayers and
kisses. . . . Hugs andWarm Wishes. . . . . .
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of course i'm not upset, like i said, i thought it was wonderful, i just cant accept,
but thank you!
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Blue....I see you told AP you would call her there anyway at all you could call me, or I could call you?????? I love you, hun!!! And you are and always will be my little sis.
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i didnt see that post, Debby, sorry, i wasnt ignoring ya

the thing is, i still dont have a phone, so when i talk to Colby i have to drive up to my parents
house and use their phone, and it's a toll free line at her work, so it works out, for now,
till i get my own phone.

right now i'm in Victoria so i've been using my sisters phone.

so, i cant call you because i cant call long-distance, and you cant call me because
i dont have a home phone.

unless we worked it so that you could phone me @ my parents house while i was there,
i cant call long distance from their phone...

or phone me here at my sisters house?

is this making any sense?! :tounge2:
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Blue...if you would tell me where and when to call you...I would gladly do it, just to hear your voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Wow... where have I been?? :confused3 Blue, I am so sorry for all of this.
You are one of the strongest people I know, and I am sure
you will get through this.

It is okay to receive some help, I truly believe that is why
we have all found one another. :flower: Email me when you can. I also have
a 1-800 number you can phone me on, anytime you need to laugh :LOL:

I miss you, and really from the bottom of my heart and the all
of the depths of my soul, I care for you, and want all to be well
for you again.
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Blue did you get my message sweetie??
I think about you a lot and hope everything's OK.
I miss you.....
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