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Can you litter box train an older outside cat?

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I wasn't sure where to post this, so, im sorry if its in the wrong spot. Recently we had a pregnant cat show up at our house in the country. Me and my husband currently live with my parents, and they have a male barn cat, were not sure if maybe she followed him back to our house or maybe she was just dropped off by somebody. Anyways, shes very friendly, so im pretty certain she is not a stray. My question is, can she be litter box trained and brought inside? Right now we locked her in the back garage, so shes nice and cozy, i put a litter box out there and theres some kitty litter in it, but its obvious she pays no attention to it. I know normally you pick them up and put them in it so they know its there, but since shes pregnant im afraid of picking her up :(. Obviously im clueless to when shes due, but she is fairly large, if i had to guess her age i'd say about 2 or so. My husband loves cats, so were going to treat her for fleas and if we can litter box train her we will bring her inside and spay her after her kittens are weaned. However, i can't bring her in the house if we can't litter box train her. Does anybody have any suggestions?? Thanks.

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Of course you can litter box "train" her.  Most cats do not require training.  You just have to show them where the litter box is... Maybe put them in it.  They pretty much get the idea.  Cats are smart.  They do not require the training a dog might need.  But if you still feel unsure, you can use Cat Attract Litter.  It supposedly makes them want to go in the litter box.  She should be fine with you picking her up just be gentle, too.  Kitten food is the best to feed her right now.  It'll help with nursing. 


Congratulations on your new kitty and her upcoming litter.  You are awesome for doing this!!  Have fun and we are here to help you along the way! 

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It is possible to train a cat to use a litterbox even if they have never been indoors in their life. You may be surprised at how easy it is, since outdoor cats don't go to the bathroom just anywhere like dogs do, they are already finding areas with soft dirt to bury their waste in. As was already stated, you may just have to place her inside the litterbox and make a couple token scratching motions with your hand, or better yet take her paw and gently scratch in the litter so she understands what she is supposed to do in there.

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Ok, thanks for the responses! I will lead her to the box and try getting her in it, i just don't want to hurt her, which is why i haven't picked her up and put her in it. Also, right now she gets some generic cat food from the grocery store, i know thats not good food for her. But its all we had at the time, is there any certain brand or kind of kitten food i should buy her? We use to have an inside cat like 2 years ago, and i tried Solid Gold, and our cat refused to eat it, i dont remember what i switched to after that :/.

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If you don't have a lot of money, I would say the best brand to get cheaply and that is better for them than the other cheap brands is Purina Kitten Chow.  Just feed that to her now and all the way through nursing and when the kittens are eating solid food.  Some say it helps the mom to have the extra kitten food after, as well.  A lot of people will come on her and be very negative about my suggestion but I do know and understand that there are people out there who cannot afford the specialty, premium and ultra premium brands.  Purina Kitten Chow is the better of the cheap stuff though.  Good luck.  Just be gentle with her.  You won't hurt her. 

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Ok, I can have my husband pick up a bag of purina kitten chow, thanks.
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So long as you don't put pressure on her tummy picking her up briefly won't do any damage.  One hand under her chest / front legs, the other holds her hind legs below her hocks.  Some cats don't like being picked up, and she probably isn't used to it. 


As well as treatment for fleas, she might have worms.  In the UK the usual wormer is Milbemax which is safe for pregnant and nursing cats and deals with roundworm and tapeworm.



Contra-indications, warnings, etc
Do not use the ‘tablets for small cats and kittens’ in cats of less than 6 weeks of age and/or weighing less than 0.5 kg
Do not use the ‘tablets for cats’ in cats weighing less than 2 kg.
Pregnancy and lactation
MILBEMAX can be used in breeding cats including pregnant and lactating queens.



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Ok, well my husband forgot to pick up some kitty litter and kitten food last night at work. So,  i will have to get it some time today. As far as wormer, i live in the U.S, im not exactly sure what kind of wormer to give her? Can you get Milbemax in the usa?

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Try Googling for Milbemax - click on the Shopping tab - to see if it's available in the US.  Of course there is almost certainly something possibly with the same active ingredients available in the US that will be suitable.

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Milbemax is not available in the U.S. You can use Revolution (a topical) to treat the internal parasites (also safe for pregnant/lactating females). It needs to be applied again after three weeks, because nothing kills all of the parasite eggs, so you have to account for the lifecycle and treat again. Even better to do it a third time, again three weeks after the 2nd dose.

The Revolution is applied between the shoulder blades, directly on the skin (part the hair and squeeze!). It'll make a "greasy" patch for a few days. She shouldn't be able to get at it, but it won't hurt her if she ingests some of it by getting at it with her paw.
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As far as the litterbox is concerned, potting soil in place of litter works for a lot of outdoor or feral cats. We used it for an 8-year-old feral, and he took to it right away. By gradually mixing litter in, we got him to switch completely to litter within a couple of weeks.
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Ok, I can try the potting soil. My only concern about using the revolution is I would have to put the flea medication where the wormer would go :/.
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Here's a link for Revolution...  So you can see for yourself what it treats, how to use it, where to get it, etc.  It is the best stuff on the market currently in the United States.  It treats roundworms and it is all one application in the same medicine. You just put it behind their head someplace where they cannot lick it off is all. 

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Originally Posted by P3 and The King View Post

Here's a link for Revolution...  So you can see for yourself what it treats, how to use it, where to get it, etc.  It is the best stuff on the market currently in the United States.  It treats roundworms and it is all one application in the same medicine. You just put it behind their head someplace where they cannot lick it off is all. 

Ok, thank you for the link, i will certainly check it out.

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Hmm, it seems like Revolution requires a prescription? Is there any other wormer i could use that doesn't require a prescription?

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Yes it does.  Were you not aware?  Sometimes you can get Revolution on ebay without one.  But I wouldn't recommend it.  As far as wormer OTC that works?  Not really.  You'll have to take her to the vet and have a check up or do you have a vet already?  Just ask them if they can do it (the revolution I mean)  She should be seen anyway because she is pregnant and a stray.  Just to make sure she is OK.  You can try Frontline Plus- it doesn't require a presciption.  I recommend that 2nd for fleas.  And see if Petco or PetSmart can recommend an OTC wormer.  Usually they are pills so you have to get her to take it which can be challenging.  I crush them up and dilute them in water, put them in a syringe and shoot them into the mouth.  Much easier.  Good luck!!

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You can get Frontline at Costco without a prescription. 

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I had planned on buying her frontline plus orginally, I found some reasonably priced on ebay. I will do some research on wormers.
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Here's Petco's link to dewormers... They are reasonably priced.  Just DO NOT buy anything Hartz!  They are the worst you can buy for any pet. 

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Ok, thanks! Im hoping to make a trip to petco soon. I wonder what brands TSC would carry, i know they carry Frontline Plus.

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