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I'm bawling my eyes out...

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It's my ex bf's birthday today.. i called him to wish him a happy birthday.. he asked about the baby..whether it has been aborted yet... i was wondering if that was all he cared about.. apparently his current girl friend has not told him yet.. i'm so disappointed guys, the man i loved for so many years and all he cared was himself, whether the child would become a threat to him in the years to come... he has always ensured that my promises to him came true but he never kept his... he was not even around when i needed him... after the abortion, all i needed was for him to be around but yet, i couldn't tell him as promised to his current girl friend.. i struggled with it all by myself and now he has to come and dig up my wounds again... i'm all teary by now guys... i just needed to vent it all out...thanks...
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I'm sorry Sweetie! It sounds like it was the best thing that you two broke up. He sounds like a selfcentered CHILD with the words that he says and the actions that he is using.

Hugs to you dear....
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I am so sorry the ex is such a jack@ss. You are much better off with out him. I know that you don't believe it now but one day you will. When Mr. Right comes along you will forget all about the @ss. Trust me on this one. Hang in there!

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I am so sorry Kate , my heart is going out to you . May you find peace and confort in your heart . I also will keep you in my prayers for that .
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I'm sorry. It's a tough situation to be in and it will take time to heal. To be honest, my dear, it would probably be better if you didn't contact him. Distance allows your heart to begin to heal. :flower:
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Trust me, you are so much better off without him.
You deserve so much better dear.
Try to keep busy to keep your mind off of him and to meet new people. Start a new hobby. . . join a club. . . volunteer.

Take care.

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thanks guys.. it's tough..really tough this time... i'm glad u guys are around to listen...
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I'm sorry hun! What a jerk. You're much better off without him and I'm sure you'll find a guy who deserves you and will treat you right. (((((HUGS)))))
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Aw Kate, its like picking at a scab. Really, you should try to be strong and resist the temptation to contact him. Next time you feel like calling him for some reason, just come here instead. He will just hurt you over and over again.

But just think, you were together for so many years, he has to have some good qualities too, and I bet this is just his way of dealing with the hurt and guilt and sadness about your relationship. So he doesn't know how to handle your contacting him either, and his girl friend is not helping. So it would be helping him too for you to not contact them, and let the hurt heal some. Then in a year or so, you both might be less emotional, and able to be friends again.

I always hear that you can't break up and still be friends again, at least not right away, I have found that too, and this is just an example of what happens when you try.

We're all here for you.

Oh, and one more thing? Crying is good. Don't resist the temptation. You have been through a lot, and crying is a great way of releasing all of that. I used to cry hysterically, and do really practical things like strip wallpaper at the same time. Because doing something physical helps. So I would be furiously scraping at the walls, crying, and swearing at the bast#$%d under my breath. Believe me, it helped.
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Ack what a creep, he remnds me far too much of my ex. I know this is hard for you but trust me, you will find someone better. Someone who will treat you with the respect & love you deserve, don't settle for less.
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hey guys... i know what u guys are driving at... i know it's tough, it's hard to let go but i have to... i thought abt it last night.. i dun see why i should be feeling so low almost everytime i talk to him.. i recall the days without contacting him and life is just so much better... i guess it is really the end of the chapter..no matter how things gonna turn out at the end of the day, it's up to whoever is up there to decide... now it is just the time to move on to better things in life... just like my two fellas at home and my handsome boss at work...
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Awww Shell not all children are bad!

I'm so sorry Kate- He sounds nasty and I bet he didn't care, so sory hun.

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I think that severing all ties is a good idea. Although things were better in the past, it's obvious that he doesn't remember any of that. It was admirable of you to do the right thing by calling for his birthday, but it's time that you put your own feelings first. Stay away from him.
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