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New Acne medication

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In the water thread that I just started reminded me about the new acne product that I'm using. I thought I'd give a product review for you guys in case if you are curious.

For years, I've always wanted to try ProActive...that one that you always see on the Infocommericals. Well, Walmart came out with a generic version of it...and I love it! It's called ProAcne and it's $18.86. It's 3 different products: a wash, a toner and a lotion. So far after 2 weeks of using it, I haven't had one zit & my skin is not dry from the stuff. That's my biggest problem with acne stuff, it always drys out my skin so bad.

Just thought I'd let everyone know in case if you have some acne issues and are looking for a good product to try.
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I saw that the other day, I should get some for my daughter to try, she is 14 and has mild acne, not that bad at all. She has really sensitive skin, if she uses benzoyl peroxide it looks like she has severe sunburn. She is currently using a 2% salycilic acid(sp?) pad like clearasil and they take the oil away but dont really help that much.
I will have to get her some and see if it helps.
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This stuff has benzoyl peroxide in it, but it's a low strength. I had gotten a prescription wash last year that had a high strength of Benzoyl Peroxide in it and it dried out my skin of bad.

The cool thing about this wash, it feels like there is fine sand in it. It exfoliates the dead skin off your face without ripping off the good skin too!
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I never had acne as a kid. But for the last 7 years, or so, I've had adult female acne. I go on long courses of Minacyline (antibiotic) and use cleocin lotion. I guess Minacycline is safe to take regularly 2 times a day for up to 2 years. But I've been on it this time for about 6 months and just cut back to once a day. I get nervous to try anything else! Adult female acne is SOOO painful! I got so tired of my face hurting I couldn't stand it. EEEECKS!!!
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A while back I thought I had adult acne or Rosacea or something and went in to the doctor and I found out I have Lupus. The rash on my face comes and goes and its painful sometimes. If I'm stressed out it gets really bad.

My daughter, the older one, was given Cleocin to use, she only uses it sometimes, I was wondering if it was safe to use on a regular basis.
It really works though.
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I didn't get acne until I was around 18 and everything I got from the dermatologist made it worse. I've been using Proactive for awhile and it works really well.
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I never had any of 'those things' as a teen, then I turned 24 and all these little zit-ouids came about. There not there but in certain light you see red spots, awwwwwwww. I freaked. Then I think another reason for the splothes is I'm always kissing the kittys and rubbing my face on their bellys.-----needless to say I'm allergic.
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Thanks! I'll have to remember that for when I run out of ProActiv(They kept sending me packages so I have quite a few right now).

I used to break out really badly when I started using ProActiv a year before my wedding. It only took 6 months of using the full product to clear up and then it was getting too harsh for my skin so I cut back to just the cleanser then after my wedding I stopped using the cleanser except during that time of the month and my skin is still clear! I get compliments on it all the time now!

Shell, I can't believe you need anything like that. Your skin is beautiful in all the pictures I've seen of you.
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I normally cannot use salicylic acid or the benzoyl peroxide or my skin will dry out and flake and break out even worse within a couple of days, but ProActiv has a very small percentage too. I'll bet that generic stuff is great too!
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Me too! I never had acne as a kid, then when I was in my mid 20's I started getting very small bumps ( like tiny little pimples) on my forehead and chin. After MANY MANY things, I discovered Benzoyle Peroxide, and it is a godsend! I love it.

It does dry out your skin, but if you use if for long enough, the dryness stops and your skin feels normal. It takes at least 8 weeks of using it 2 times per day. And I haven't had one pimple or breakout since I started it last year.

I hear the ProActive is great, its key ingredient is Benzoyle Peroxide too I think. Perhaps in a lower dose. Anyone out there w/ acne, give BP a try. Any brand, as long as the active ingredient is Benzoyl Peroxide I bet for sure that it will work!
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I might have had one zit a month when I was a teen, but lately I've been breaking out like MAD, and these really painful ones too. I'm assuming it's because I stopped taking BC and my hormones are all crazy, but I don't want to get back on the minacycline because I have no insurance at the moment and can't afford the pills! I used to be able to take one every other day and maintain clear oil free skin.. Topical stuff never worked for me.

My only problem is that I'm a sunless tanner maniac and harsh face washes and acne medication take it off in weird patches.. I started using ST to mask my acne and it really works--zits don't look half as bad with a deep tan!
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add me to the list! I had perfect skin until I hit around 18. I'm going to try that stuff! I would love ot have good skin again!
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Thanks for telling us...might have to give it a try. I never had pimples until I hit 30, now I have them monthly, and am getting wrinkles too! sigh...
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Thanks for posting this!!!! I had tried ProActive but it dried out my skin, but then again I was a bit overzealous with the stuff and did it twice a day. Either way, it dried it out and made these rashes appear on my cheeks.

I may be going through that adult acne mzjazz, these are sooo painful cyst like, they come back after a few days of being popped and picked at in the same spot!!! And it doesn't help that I'm allergic to my JB also when I'm rubbing him under my chin. I've also noticed when I'm holding my son most of the time, his head is rubbing up against my chin or cheeks where the acne is breaking out. Oooooo these are soooooo painful and I feel icky and grotty, at this age, I hated it when I was a teenager, I took all kinds of medicine. This one kid, he was a little tyke even after graduating, he didn't get above 4feet 5inches. Anyway, he was a mean little booger and would throw rocks at my face to pop my pimples. Anyway, nevertheless they did pop! Mean little booger.

Has anyone here taken Accutane? I have some friends who are taking it and it's amazing how quickly their acne clears up and stays gone.

I'm not sure what to try on my face, it's soooo freaking sensitive. I tried the Avon products, especially the lightening stuff so that it can clear up the scars, but it seemed to make it worse so I just went back to using the natural Burt's Bees products since it is natural and doesn't irritate my skin. But I would like the acne to go away!!!! eeks!
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Thankfully, I have never even had a pimple. My mother gave me a jar of Noxema skin cream when I was about 10 years old and told me to always wash my face with this and never put regular soap on my face. I never have, and all through high school my girlfriends at times hated me because I never had an outbreak of acne. I still use Noxema twice a day.
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Accutane is like a last call in the Acne dept. It's really bad stuff! You think normal acne products dry out your haven't seen anything until you've tried Accutane. It drys your entire body out! You have to use eye drops everyday because your eyes get really dry, the skin between your fingers & toes are so dry you get cracks, your lips are so chapped they can, you have to have pregnancy tests from your Dr. every month because it will cause horrific side effects to an unborn child.

Plus...just for 60 pills it's over $500! And that is just one month supply!
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Michelle - are you not a bit young for acne???

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hmmmm...thanks for the side-effects, these women seem to not have any problems with it but I don't want to take something like that anyway, seems to weird for it to clear up acne that quickly....sigh....i don't know what to do....and it sucks because my skin is sooooo confused, being mixed doesn't help...and I don't wear makeup anymore, haven't worn that stuff in about three years or longer, just eyeliner and some lipgloss....waaaahhhhhh i guess i'll make another trip to the dermatologist but she'll probably say the same thing she said to me when i was in highschool...
Has anyone tried Murad?
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Originally posted by kev
Michelle - are you not a bit young for acne???

Um...I'm 26! In High School I didn't have a single zit but once I got out of College, I started having a few here & there. It depends on what time of the month it is or how stressed I am .
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mine is at its worse during my monthly. and to top that off, my hubby gets a kick since he loves to pop them!!!! which I surrender since they feel better after being popped, of course everyone tells you not to pop them mine gets worse if I don't pop them and they never go away, they fester longer and start getting infected. eek!!!!!
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That's such a no no...but I'm guilt of it! I can't stand to have a whitehead on my face! They just look so gross. I can't stand it when people have a face full of zits and they look like they're ready to burst at any moment. EWWWWWWWWWWWW!
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Yuck, here's what my face looked like before I started using proactive, and since it's in black and white it doesn't look nearly as nasty as it really was. But now my face is all nice and clear except for that one time a month where now I many get one or two small pimples.

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hey, they have acne products in the google ads!!!

btw you look soooo nice!!! and your face wasn't bad as mine!!! Glad I don't have pics of those days or now!!! So the proactive worked? Hmmmm....I'll check with my dermatologist and see what she says, mine I think are more cystic like because they come back in the same place and are way painful and leave bad scarring, whether I pop them or not. Hmmmmm.....where's the after pic of you?
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Hmmmmm.....where's the after pic of you?
This isn't a great picture, but it's pretty recent and you can tell that my face isn't as splotchy as it used to be.

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YAY! btw, what are you doing in that pic? curious to know what people/furbabies were doing at the time pic was taken

did you use proactive once a day and it didn't dry yours out?

Shell, what about the stuff you're using, you use it once a day?
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JellyBelly, don't use Proactiv twice a day. Try just using the cleanser once a day (I prefer the morning) for a while. That's what I had to do eventually or else my skin started turning white and red.

You don't want Accutane--I had a friend who took it and she practically bathed in Crisco and still was dried out and itched really bad all over (and I mean ALL OVER!). It will also probably affect you sexually by drying you out if you know what I mean.

Uabassoon, my face was like that too before using Proactiv. Occasionally it would clear up, but I pretty much had acne like that all the time. And unlike these other lucky ladies, I've had it since I was 10 (I'm 35 now). All my school pics are horrible. I cringe when I look at them.
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In that picture I was in a recording studio working on a steel drum CD.

As for the ProActive I use the cleaner twice a day and the lotion and toner once a day. At first I used it all twice a day, then when my skin started to clear up I stopped using the toner and lotion twice a day.
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Originally posted by Jellybelly

Shell, what about the stuff you're using, you use it once a day?
I use it twice a day. Thats what it recommends. Actually I just got done washing my face! Sad to report, I got a new zit. But it's almost THAT time again go figure!
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