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Good dishes

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So I have been looking at different cat dish's as I don't love mine. Does anyone have any recommendations for a cat with a short nose (kitty in my avie) or does it even matter? Also what would you recommend as far as glass, stainless steel, plastic, etc?



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What a cuttie!

A shallow bowl works well especially given your cuttie has a short nose.  Get a stainless steel bowl (or, plate); plastic and ceramic can harbor bacteria in microscopic cracks so avoid those. 

Depending on how energetic your cat gets when eating, try to get one that has non-skid rubber lining on the bottom.

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thank you, and thanks for your help! :)


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I prefer "people dishes" for canned food. Just a regular ceramic plate. I use my own dishes tongue.gif, but you can buy something cheap that you can keep apart from the people dishes. For dry food I have a stainless steel saucer, but that's kind of big for one cat. They do sell smaller stainless dishes. I prefer clear glass for water dishes--I think cats like to be able to see the water level. Remember that cats don't like for their whiskers to touch the sides of their dishes, so they should be large and shallow enough so that won't be a problem.
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I also use my own dishes for wet food. My roommate's grandma gave him an old tea set, and what are two 25-year-old men going to do with saucers? Feed the cats, of course.

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I use shallow stainless steel bowls for wet food - I use stainless dog bowls for water and dried food.  They go in the dish washer, they won't break when I drop them, and by looking around I got them quite cheaply.  Plastic scratches after a while, china and glass can both break.

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I use deep salad plates made of glass for wet food. Most of them are Arcoroc that I've picked up on sale. I've also got some small, shallow stainless steel "bowls" from a pet store that are ideal for wet or dry food.
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I bought mine at Goodwill.  They are ceramic.

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Second the suggestion of buying dishes at the local thrift store.  You can find stainless steel ones there too.  (Make sure to wash thoroughly of course before using.)

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