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Koko's new toy

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While all my cats got a kick out of this mechanical mouse, Koko chased it until she dropped. She is a feisty one that Koko!
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That's such a cute pic!
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And all wiped out after a hard day of play......
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Awww, how cute is that!
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That is a feisty kitty! I know Ophelia would be scared of a toy that big. LOL
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I love buying toys for my furrkids. This is the one I sent for in a catalog. I think I'll send for another section. They have so much fun in it! They go in from both ends and then wrestle and it rolls LOL. This is Chrissie "Guarding" the new toy because ALL toys are hers until she is asleep
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Now that one looks like fun! What is it made of? Can you get one online?
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I imagine you could find one in any pet store on line. I've seen them in lots of catalogs but never looked on line.
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Cute kitties!
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Amy, I loved that first pic!! The head tilt is so adorable.

Barb, the tunnels are fantastic, aren't they? Definitely go for another section! Mine just love them too.
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Great pics
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Koko has been put out by the new kittens Dakota and Sage. They are doing their best to schmooz with Koko, and she is finally giving in to them. It's funny, as she and Sage have very similar personalities....both snuggly, both play like there is no tomorrow, and both like to sleep between legs.

Sage finally schmoozed close to Koko last night and they slept like this for over an hour. At one point, Sage woke up, turned his head towards Koko and sniffed her nose. She growled at him then promptly fell back asleep. This picture was taken after the growl.

I think that Sage is really her new toy and she doesn't realize it yet....
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Aawwww, adorable!
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