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Bowel movement for Kitty

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My cat has not used her litter box for a bowel movement in 2 days, but she is not running a fever and she still plays and plays well and she wants to eat.  So should I feed her or should I take to the vet?

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If this is unusual behavior, and if you are certain she hasn't made a deposit somewhere else in the house, and if the litterbox is clean and she's piddled in it, then I would call the vet to check to see if he/she thinks you should see them.


Has she been eating normally?  How old is the cat?

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Yes, it's actually very dangerous for them not to have a bowel movement more than 48 hours. The toxins back up easy for them, it's not like us humans. Even if she's acting okay, she could have a blockage or be severely constipated. I'd call the vet asap.

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He sounds like he's healthy but not having a BM for 2 days does not sound real good.  I would worry about toxins building in his system.  Are you sure he's not doing it outside of the litter box somewhere?  That does happen sometimes with a kitten.  I think if he doesn't go soon a vet visit is probably your best bet.  Hope he doesn't have a blockage from something.  It might be possible he ate something that he should not have.

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Two days is a long time. Some cats are prone to constipation. There are home remedies that you can try like canned pumpkin, or plain canned food if the cat isn't used to canned food. Again, if the cat goes too long without a bowel movement, toxins can build up and make them very sick. Also if the stool builds up in the large intestine for too long, and the cat can get obstipated where they need to be "cleaned out" under anesthesia at the vet. The risk of getting obstipated too many times, can lead to megacolon where the colon is too flabby to effectively push out the stool. This really sucks, and the cat has to be on medications and stool softeners for the rest of their life. I currently have a mildly megacolon kitty, which is on a grain free low fiber diet, and she gets miralax every day to help her have a stool. She will sometimes end up going every other day, but I don't let it go longer than that. the one time I tried to wean her off the miralax, she got constipated. i had to administer an enema at home (I'm an RVT so I don't advise just anyone to do this unpleasant task without being shown how by your vet) to get her to go again. For now on she gets her miralax and is as good as gold.

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I've always fed mine on quality grain free food from being kittens, and my three usually go on the second day, but if it went over that l would ask the vet for advice?

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