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I am back from the Islands

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Hello all.

I am back from Hawaii, and am very tan. I had such a fantastic time. The weather was beautiful.

I met somebody there and am going back for a visit at the end of August!! I cannot wait

Glad that everyone is doing well. Debby I am so sorry to hear of peaches. If there is anything I can do let me know

I got my car back today also. It is a pretty car all fixed up. It is nice.
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Swalker; I am posting in Sandy Brown in honor of your tan! I'm glad you are back safe, sound, and HAPPY (it would seem) You must tell us what you meant by "I have met someone . . ." (how VAGUE is that???? I want all the "Dish", girl and I want it NOW!!!!

Aloha! :pinky::pinky::pinky::pinky:

Envious. . .
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Welcome Back! I with Darlene, I want to know who this "someone" is? Make sure you post pictures so we all can get really jealous!

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Welcome back!

So glad you had a good time...and how exciting to have met someone too! Tourist? Native? Tell us more!

When you go back, can I hide in your suitcase? I'll be really, really quiet...I promise!:paranoid3 Since we only live 15 mins apart just PM me a couple days before you go so I can buy a swimsuit!
:laughing: :jarswim: :laughing:

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I had a fuuny feeling I wouldn't be able to slip that one by!!

I met him on a snorkeling boat our group took on Sunday. He is handsome, tall and incredible!! He has lived on Hawaii for 10 years. We spent only two days together but I feel like I have known him for years and I am dying to see him again. I have to wait 7 weeks, it feels like an iternity. :laughing2 I'll be there for 8 days in August and than he will come here in October and than we will decide what to do.

I need to figure out if this is a huge rebound or if this is real. But my friends say for now... just go with it and see where it takes me!!!
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An island romance! I hope you will post a picture of this man who is making your heart throb...
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It sounds like you had a great time. I can't imagine living in HI but I would love to visit someday. What a deal...a tan and a man too
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This reminds me of my husband and myself in 1975. We met on a blind date, met a month later in St. Louis at the arch, halfway between Kansas and Ohio. In 2 1/2 months, we were married. Was'nt all music but wouldn't change it for anything!
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that gives me plenty of time to find a good swimsuit!

Oh yeah, does he have a brother?
oh, nevermind, almost forgot about my boyfriend Scott! Oops!

All kidding aside, how great for you to have not only gone to such a beautiful place, but to also have met someone....WOW!

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Welcome back swalker!!!

It's nice to have you back and posting again. I'm with everyone else... post pictures of this mystery hunk! Share some stories on some of the exciting things you did! I'm so jealous... I wanna go to Hawaii.. waahhhh!!!

"I thought I got some new pets when I got my kittens... now I realize it was them that got the pets!"
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This is what he said... this is how I knew I was hooked...

I asked do you have any cats?

He said yes, 5 they all sort of adopted me!!

It was so cute. The kitties are precious. They are watch cats. I had never seen it before in my life. They protect the house, and scare off animals!! One of the cats just had babies. They are so little and darling. I wanted to take them home with me. I am sure their life in the jungles of Kauii is much nicer!

Oh Cleo... I'll sneak you into my suit case. Do you think you can handle the 5 hour plane ride? :laughing2

Thanks for the warm welcome. I will have to get a picture of him. I don't have a digital camera, so I will have someone put the pic. onto a disc for me, and I will shoot it right over
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Shannon....GO FOR IT!!!!!! Any man who loves cats has alot going for him already!!!!
I am with your friends 100%....."just go with it and see where it takes you"

I am SO jealous of your tan though!!!!!!!!!!! I am trying to get tan, but so far, I just have this half _ssed tan...LOL

Keep us posted, I care so much about you!!!!!
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