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Are women people?

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laughing02.gif Here's a humorous Time magazine piece I thought I'd share.

"Subject for Debate: Are Women People?"
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The article was somewhat humorous, but a lot of the comments just made me mad. :P

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Oh, of course. I never read the comments on news articles. I feel like I'm mentally feeding the trolls. laughing02.gif
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Well, the first point that irritates me is the comment that "Taxpayers are billed across the board for private insurance" They are not. I do not pay for anyone else to have PRIVATE insurance, other than my family. I do pay for government insurance, though. 


The next point is...There were women at the hearing for forcing birth control. The pictures that are shown are by the media stirring the pot. There are 5 men on the PANEL, which is just the people in the front but there were women politicians, democrats AND Republicans attending and speaking. Fluke was not invited, nor did she try to attend in a respectful way-that is why she was denied entrance. 


As far as the Breast pump issue, she should have then brought her child to work, and nursed him or her in front of the boss. I'm sure she would have been encouraged to bring the pump. Why did she ask to begin with I wonder-nobody should be asking to bring anything like that. I never questioned if I could bring tampons with me to work. But I'm sure I would have been encouraged in that area as well. She needs to take that one to court. Feeding your baby in any way a mother sees fit is not to be challenged. Pumping ones breasts for food for your baby is not something you do at your desk. It's done privately and I'm certain she's allowed to do anything she wants at break time. 


I didn't think it was very funny, it was more of a political poke. The opening statement was cute though. 

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In the same vein, here's another TIME piece: Top 5 Worst U.S. States for Women
And, at last, we come to the worst of all U.S. states for women to live in. Perhaps the female citizenry of Mississippi already suspects this, since 22% of women are impoverished, they earn the lowest average wages in the country, with a median income of $28,879, and college-graduation rates are grim at only 21%. Also, while 68% of Mississippi women are overweight or obese, nearly a quarter of the state’s women have health insurance. With such a depressing state of affairs, is it really any wonder that Mississippi has never had a woman in Congress or as governor — and the state legislature is only 15% female?

Read more:

The 5 Best U.S. States for Women
After examining at the data, iVillage concluded that Connecticut was the best state in all the country for women to live in, something that surely doesn’t come as a surprise to the 1.8 million females who reside there. In terms of healthcare, wages and education, Connecticut’s female denizens are doing quite well. A whopping 90% of women have health insurance, the median female salary is $46,000 and more than a third hold a four-year college degree.

Read more:
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Actually, I found it completely sarcastic, but more scary than funny.

Interesting the top 5 and bottom 5 states for women. Did anyone notice any red/blue state alignment?
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Of course I did. Except for maybe Hawaii and Maryland -- don't know much about them.
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Given the laws that I'm seeing proposed and passed, women are people until they decide to have sex.  At that point, they become sluts, prostitutes, and baby incubators.  And as baby incubators, they then lose their right to freedom, health and life.  They lose all rights to privacy so that their employer can fire them for using a contraceptive to prevent pregnancy (law moving through the legislature in Arizona - realize this isn't employer paying for it, but only based on the woman using it).  I wonder how many men would be questioned about their wives' use of contraception and then fired because the employer believed it was wrong.  I doubt any.


ETA: They also gain the right to have a doctor flat out lie to them if he so desires.

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