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It looks nice and I enjoyed looking at who is who. My problem, only about half the pictures loaded. Anyone else have that problem?
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They're all loading just fine for me. Anyone else having that problem?
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Geez, it looks so good! I will hopefully be sending in an updated pic soon.
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Looks great. Nice work.
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this is the first I've seen of it. I haven't been on this site in a while.... Great shots everyone!

Nice job Jenn!
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When you let us send in updates- Can you please let us know, because that's such a ugly picture of me, and I have changed alot since then and have better pictures now .. okay? Thanks.

It really does look superb! Fantasic pictures everyone!

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I would send the pic to Anne via email and alert her that it is for the Members Gallery. Make sure your user name is in there.
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Very nice!!
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My, don't we clean up, nicely?
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Can I have my picture added therE?? do I need to email someone a picture or just post it here?
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Kathy, just email Anne & tell her it's for the Gallery
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I don't know her email....
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It prints off well too. Now I can know who I am talking to.

Hey Kev, where is your picture. Come on now.
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Originally posted by Rock&Fluff'smom
I don't know her email....
Kathy - it is

Hope that helps!
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Guys, don't send the pictures to Anne, send them to me at my email. I'm keeping the page updated and sending it to Anne to upload.

I talked to Anne about how often the updates will go in, and she said every 2-3 months. So I think we'll do another update for the beginning of November.
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JENN!! OMG! What a GREAT JOB! The gallery looks so cool and I want to thank you for taking on this project - YOU ROCK! I love connecting screen names with faces, this is just too cool!

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I have sent in my updated picture to Jenn- I hope I'm not to much of a problem!

Look forward to seeing the updated version in a few months! I love being able to see you all!
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Thanks guys, I really enjoyed working on it. And I like getting to match names with faces too.

I'm going to be taking updates/new submissions from now until November. Then I'll be sending in the new page to Anne to upload. I'll post it in a new thread alerting people to the timing of updates, etc. as soon as I figure out how I want to collect them again.
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Oh, and Sam, I got your email, thanks.
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