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I made a lady cry and feel bad!!!

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I have a elderly- ish neighbour over the road from me who has two sons who are always in trouble. They dont live at home as they are at this moment - staying in someplace with cells courtesy of her majesty ! Anyway, she also has a bloody great rotweiler that has bitten me once - a sharp smack on the snout from me stopped that but he is huge - however, I have always stopped and said hello- after all what her kids are has nothing to do with her now.
Sadly, on monday morning her husband passed away in hospital and she caught up with me on monday evening. She has asked me to give the hedge a cut as its massive and a general tidy up if at all possible. The grass was about three feet in places as well.
Anyway, i agreed that I would have a go at the hedge and see what I can do as the funeral cortege is due to leave from her house on monday.
Outside is a nightmare - inside is a palace - but she cant do as she wants as she has heart problems.
She went out on Tuesday and I arrived home from work and promtly got out the trimmers - lopped off about a foot around the sides all the way and about 4 feet off the top. Let there be light and there was into the garden.
Next I cut one lawn as she was going to be away for 48 hours with her daughter. I spent over three hours there.
Last night I worked on all the grass, created borders, planted tubs , located the drive way, strimmed every weed out and away, moved a huge barrell and filled it with some geraniums and nicotiniana. The grass is about 1/2 inch now, the garden is about 500 per cent lighter and bigger, the borders full, driveway has materialised and all the shrubs have been tidied up.
Well I had to apologise when she came home tonight as I was out at my car when the taxi dropped her home. She was stunned and just stood there and cried and i felt really bad. I thought she was annoyed or upset, in fact she was exstatic and she keeps trying to give me money for doing it. I dont want her money - she wants to get me something for doing something I do for pleasure ( I do ground force specials as love gardening) and in respect for her - that was enough as payment. I made her cry and I feel sorry - but seeing her face with baskets, lawn and borders and a whole new lower hedge was worth its weight in gold and worth every bit of blood that I shed and sweat I lost.
Life is strange and I learnt never to judge a book by its cover...
Am going back sunday to trim the grass again - so the cortege can leave from a tidy garden. So far she seems to have had loads of people round and all she keeps doing is walking round the grass.
Am off to bed now - its 21.00, I have a splitting headache as am exhausted with these two days for her hell ,it was worth it .. who is next???

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What an absolutely stunning and unselfish thing you have done there Kevin! Of course she would cry - I would to if someone came over and did that for me! Tears of joy are life's treasures.....Wow!!!!!!
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OMG Kev! That's a lovely story! Don't feel bad you did a wonderful thing!!!!

Thanks for making someones day!
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I think it was a wonderful thing you did for her!
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What a stand up guy. It's wonderful to be reminded that there aare still people that care about others. These days it would seem some would rather spit on you than say Hello.

I try to do at the least one 'nice' thing a day. Even a smile can be catchy.
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What a sweet man you are Kev - your wife is incredibly lucky to have you.

Tears of joy are a wonderful thing, and this woman will not forget what you have done for her.

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Those were tears of shear happiness & joy!
I sure wish you were'nt across the ocean. . . . . I would cry too if you came to work wonders in my yard. . . it would certainly be a challenge for you!

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Hey do know that ground force comes to America? Want to come over and do all of our yards for us over here on this side of the Atlantic?

You are some guy!
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A wonderful thing you did there.... good job!
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What a wonderful, wonderful thing you did!!
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That is so sweet! Bless you for doing kind things for the Elderly. I'm sure she'll appreciate it for years to come!
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Way to go ! can you come over and do mine?
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All I can say is WOW , you tha man .If I would count on my hands the man around here to do something like that , I might as well don't even learn to count . I think you are the only man I know off being so kind and warm hearted with love and compassion .
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If only there were more people in this world like you Kev - it would be such a better place.

You brought a tear to my eye with your thoughtfulness and kindness.


Hip hip hooray!!!!
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Gosh Kev!! U are INCREDIBLE!! Do u have any single sons or cousins like u any of us single ladies can check out by any chance ?

It's so easy to forget that SMALL things we do for others can mean so much to them.

HEY! Let's follow in Kev's footsteps! Let's see what we can do for others! Any takers?

I will look around this weekend and see if there's anyone who need help and try to help.

Anyone interested in doing this, pls keep us posted with success stories! I think it'd be awesome if we could start a thread on success stories of helping others. We CAN make this world a better place by helping, loving and serving others..

As we help others, others will start helping others just like that movie "Pay it forward"... If u haven't seen that movie, watch it! It's about a little boy who asked people to help others and it was a class project of his :goodbad: :goodbad:
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That's so wonderful of you Kev! What a nice thing to do for her.

P.S. -- If I had a house, I'd sure wish you were my neighbor!!
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Originally posted by sherral46
Way to go ! can you come over and do mine?
Me too I'm next!
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This reminds me of the sentiment "practice random acts of kindness". How much better the world would be if we all did just one random kind act for a stranger, neighbor, coworker!

Kev, three cheers for you!
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Now that you have been thoroughlly loved, hugged, petted, complimented and adored! I think we will ALL come over the pond and take you to lunch next Saturday OK? Here's a friendly kiss from me!
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kev, u r such a's no wonder your wife fell for u!!! i dun have a lawn to trim but can u trim meow meow's fur for me??? she needs a fur cut really soon....
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I have to say it again, Kev, you're a wonderful man. Will you be my neighbor?
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Thank you, Kev, for being the kind of neighbor people used to be. I understand her wanting to pay you. I have a neighbor just like you. I have Rhumatoid Arthritis and my neighbor, Harlon, makes sure I never have to mow my yard or shovel my snow. He never lets me pay him, so I give him a huge certificate for a restaurant in town so he can take out his whole family. Since it is a gift, he can't refuse.
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Kev, you never cease to amaze! What a truly neat person you are!
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What you did, will touch that woman's heart for years to come. A golden heart you have, Kev. Never let it tarnish.
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Well - last saturday I recut the grass and titillated the garden again for my neighbour. Monday - yesterday , was the funeral and apparently it went well or as well for my neighbour as could be expected. I called over the road last night after work to see how she was, she was up and down and invited me in. We talked for a while and I helped square up a little.
Everyone had come back from the crematorium after to her house and instead of being sat in, everyone went outside on the grass and sat, had a drink and something to eat and enjoyed the sun, the company and - the garden. She was thrilled and enjoyed it - again as much as one can given the circumstances.
I have agreed now that when I cut my grass, I will cut hers for her and keep it looking good for her. I have refused point blank payment for this and offered to write her letters of thanks on my pc and mail them for her.
She has got the last laugh on me though, she found out that its our son's birthday on Friday - 4 years old - she has already got him something... she said she would get me back - and for my son, well I know when to bow and concede gracefully.
I would love to be out there and do all your gardens - it would never be a chore- would be a pleasure. may be next time huh? I can design them still and love doing it.
Heres to tomorrow.

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