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I know. When I used the wheel on her short hair it kind of just stuck up on her head like a rooster. It was pretty funny and scary looking at the same time.
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What a wonderful thread!!!!This has really taken me down memory lane. I remember quiet summer nights sitting out on the porch watching fireflies...catching fireflies...running about the neighborhood until dark or until my mother called me in...no fear of strangers even at dusk...a TV show called I remember MaMa was my very favorite. The whole neighborhood cleared out of Friday nites when that came on. If you didn`t hyave a TV you went to someones house who did. Cleo, I do remember sliding down a grassy hill in an old refrigerator boc...it was the greatest fun. We also climbed into the boxes and rolled down the hill. O remember walking to school avoiding the crack in the sidewalk..."step on a crack, break you mothers back", slapping the hand of someone who found an empty lucky strike cigarette pack(strike me lucky), and "made you look you dirty crook, you stole your mothers pocketbook"
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Remember the doll that walked when you held her hands? A friend got one for her birthday. We spent hours taking turns walking the doll around!! And remember 'Chatty Cathy?" Wasn't she the first doll to talk?
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How about the Easy Bake Oven. I always burnt everything and as my husband can attest to, I still can't bake
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Cleo and Michele!! I remember the Chrissy doll very well!! I didn't have her...but I had two of her sisters....if I remember right, Chrissy had the red hair, and the two I had were blonde (named Velvet) and brunette (named Mia) I still have them both, and in their original outfits, and I even have the box that Velvet came in!! I loved those dolls!!!!
I always wanted a baby alive, but never got one.
And Michele...they still make those easy bake ovens....beleive it or not, my 10 year old stepson wanted one for christmas last year, and uses it alot!!
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Remember going Trick of Treating and actually being able to eat the candy before the folks checked it for harmful things!!!!
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How about those wax lips or vampire fangs that you could chew like gum when they got warm?

Wacky Wall Walkers? They looked like octopuses(sp?)/octopi(sp?).

Water Weenies? Water-filled baloons in a tube form that were very difficult to hold onto. My friends giggled endlessly about these.
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How about the clapping song Say Say Oh Playmate?

Say Say oh playmate
come out and play with me
and bring your dollies (kitties) three
climb up my apple tree
slide down my rainbarrel
into my cellar door
and we'll be jolly friends
forever more!

So sorry playmate
I cannot play with you
my dolly (kitty) has the flu
boo hoo hoo hoo hoo hoo
ain't got no rainbarrel
aint got no cellar door
but we'll be jolly friends
forever more, more, and more!

I cant believe I still remember that! :laughing2:

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Wow! What a collection of memories. I remember some of the same things but I'm in the dark on others. I remember the dolls with the growing hair but not the name. Of course, the Barbie Dolls and some of the games. Some things my mother told me about and others I have read in novels. Very interesting to read.
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Cleo!!!! Thank you for sharing that hand clap game!!!!
If you read my first post on the page before this one, I was recalling it, but couldn't remember much about it, or how it went!!
Thanks!!!! I think I could still do the hand clapping part just right to it!! I still remember it, now that you refreshed my memory! What a kick!
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