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feliway room mister

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Does this stuff really work?

Since Bleu's illness with FLD, he's become really skittish! Would the feliway help him with this? I've also added the 2 kittens to the household, which doesn't help matters much. Duffy is getting aggressive (he was just neutered on Monday,) Dottie is constantly growling and acting snappish. Do I need a mister for every room in the house? How does that work? How long do they last, and is this just a one time treatment, or is this something that needs to be continous?
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I bought one about 3 weeks ago to calm down Bob when I made him a permanent indoor cat. He was peeing on my bed almost nightly so I put it in my bedroom (after ruling out physical illness). He hasn't peed in there for about a week and a half so I'm thinking that it is helping. He was actually so tiffed that he peed ON me one night when I was asleep (that was a rude awakening).

More interesting, my ancient geriatric cat Shep has moved herself permanently into our bedroom. Her previous territory in the house for the last 5 years was our downstairs bathroom (a large 8x11 room), and now she appears to be getting comfort from the room with the Feliway. She has never gotten along with the other cats in the house and has always been a bit stressed by them, particularly now that she is really old and can't run as fast as she used to.

I'm not fully sold on them yet. Mine cost $28 from our vet, they last about a month and the refills are $18 (per month). I'm sure I can find them cheaper, but they are still quite expensive to do every room in my house, but will probably keep one permanently in the bedroom.
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In case you are interested the cheapest I have found was:

Plug in $20.75
refil $11.75

here is the webiste.


This is a drastic reduction from what you were charged by your VET.
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This link explains how they work:

This is where I get mine:

They are on sale now at the Pet Guys.
Plug-in $20.99
Re-fill $11.99

I keep two plug-ins, one at each end of the house. The bottles of Feliway last at least a month, sometimes more.

With ALL the changes in your household (sick kitty, two new kittens, recent neutering, etc) I would REALLY recommend getting Feliway.

This stuff has helped with friction between my two kitties and also put my skittish Russian Blue's skin condition into remission (eosinophilic granuloma complex). Previous to Feliway, she was on Prednisone.

I have gotten several re-fills and I plan on using them as long as I have my two cats. At the end of the bottle I notice that my skittish cat becomes more uneasy. Then I pop in the re-fill and she is more calm.

Hope it works out just as well for you!

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Two of my cats for the last 3 years have always growled, hissed and chased each other when they encounter each other in the house. Outside they are fine, but inside where the personal space gets invaded is another story. One cat Ripley is the head honcho, and other Karma is a stray that showed up her long ago.

I bought a room mister for the living room and one for the entry way. I have kept them going non-stop since, and have not had either Rip or Karma challenge each other. I believe in this product and am grateful someone has marketed it this way. If you think it is expensive, the spray is even more, you get less for your money with the spray because you have to use more of it in the long run and that pump is wholly inadequate IMO.
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I bought the plug in, which I assume is the "mister". I'm not fully sold on the results yet with Bob, ONLY because I don't know whether the other tactics I'm using with him along with the Feliway are giving me the good results. I will continue its use for a while, as it appears to be helping the issue between Shep and Scarlett. I'm just a skeptic at heart!

I went to the web site and saw that there was a spray - didn't realize that they had that product also. My cats have marked in 2 places in the house and I have used odor neutrilizers in those places - does the Feliway spray work for that pretty well? They haven't sprayed in a long time, but know that the scent lingers.

Thanks for the info on the sites that carry it for less - this is one item that my vet isn't reducing their price on for me.
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In order for the spray to be effective you have to keep spraying the areas about every 10 days. But yes, it works well. If your cat is anxious about going to the vet (for example) spraying the inside of the carrier with the feliway before you put the cat inside, helps to calm an anxious cat down.

Before I put a new feral in the cat room the room gets doused with the spray. Sometimes it will work, and sometimes it won't depends on the anxiety level of the trapped cat.
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I have been using the plug-in for about 6 weeks now, and I think it's working very well. I only wish I had an outlet in the attic where I could add another one!
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I hesitate to try this ... the cost really has me thinking twice. I would need 2 or 3 plug ins to cover the territory of the main floor. Then to refill every month, at the least price I've seen here, would be $33.00 a month. Too steep for my budget. Boy, these business sure get you coming and going, don't they?

Is there an alternative to Feliway that might be less expensive?

I sure would like to soothe all the ruffled fur around here these days, but most especially for Bleu.
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How bout just get one unit? That way if you don't think it has made a difference, you are only out $20 plus shipping. That's what I did for the initial order. Just one. Then when I needed a refill I got the second unit plus refills.

Use it in the room most used by Bleu right where he hangs out the most. You don't have to cover the whole area square foot-wise.. . just where it is needed.
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I am glad I read this thread , I also will try this out . I did order a catalog from omahavaccine.com just now . Thank you all for the info , it sure helped me out
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