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Post Spaying Behavior

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Penny was spayed on June 5. She's doing fine. However, yesterday she has started behaving like she's in heat. She's not an affectionate cat. She's rubbing her rear on everything, purring loudly, and calling out. I don't get why all of a sudden she's acting like this. Is there a hormonal change going on here?
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How old is Penny?
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She is about 9 months now.
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Neutering doesn't eliminate all of their hormone producing organs - at her age, it sure sounds like she is having hormone changes. She's at that perfect age to be growing into an adult cat. I have heard of this happening, but have no personal experience with it. Not sure if this will repeat over and over or she will outgrow it. Sorry no help here.
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It isn't particularly bothersome, other than she can really wrap herself around my feet and legs! Penny has a really bad need to be underfoot when someone is in the kitchen. In fact, that's how I ended up with her. She started out at my mother's. Penny was underfoot in the kitchen and mother tripped over her and broke her arm.

I've not encountered this type of behavior after spaying. And am just curious about the hormonal changes that are occuring that may cause this to happen.

Penny is one different kitten, that's for sure. I've never had one that acts the way she does! She's had all sorts of medical setbacks, the missing eye, the extremely high fever without an apparent cause, she's constantly eating or looking for food, she's extremely small, I'm beginning to believe she's a dwarf. Her body is long, but her legs are unusally short. Her back feet are pigeon toed -- she's just a really different cat. Now we've got this unusual behavior going on ...
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Every once in a while a spay is incomplete and there is enough female organs inside to produce a heat. I don't know much else about this. Maybe call your vet and bring her in so they can see her in action? From your description it seems pretty clear she's showing heat behavior.
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I would also call the vet, sometimes they goof up and don't get all the equipment clamped off or cut in a spay, then the heat behavior starts. It is just a matter of running a blood test and then finding out if they goofed, then they will go in and fix it.
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Today she seems to be normal again. She's more affectionate than usual, but she isn't crying out or rubbing her hiney on everything.

I did keep her and Duffy busy today with a large tupperware bowl of water and ice cubes. That kept them very occupied most of the day. Perhaps Penny was just bored? I'll keep my eye on her and note her behavior, if it starts up again, I'll call the vet.

If she was an "incomplete spay" what types of problems does that pose? I wouldn't think it would be possible for her to be impregnanted, right? I mean, don't they remove the uterus? I sure hate the thought of her having to have surgery again -- for her sake, and the sake of my pocket book.
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