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Today is the day, I need TONS of board magic

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I'm getting Nimbus, stormy, blizzy, and marbles FIV test results back today. Please send my sweet little onces all the board magic you can muster up. These are my little angels. I will find out the results at 5:15 my time and will post them as soon as I get them. I'm deeply hoping and praying for all negatives. We will have snowwhite retested at my vet and a different vet in about a month, hopefully it will show the first test was a mistake and she is okay.
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Mega-powerful positive waves are coming at you from Kansas City!!!!!

~~~~~positive vibes~~~~~
~~~~~positive vibes~~~~~
~~~~~positive vibes~~~~~
~~~~~positive vibes~~~~~
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Sending mega-vibes to you and the kitties!!!
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Hoping and praying it was all a big mistake! All of your little ones have my most positive thoughts coming at them!
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Sending positive thoughts your way!!
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Positive Vibes going yalls way Val!!!Please keep us posted on them ok?! (((hugs)))
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My prayers are with you and all the cats
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Sending mega good luck kitty vibes your way.
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protective angel vibes coming their way!!!
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Praying that your furbabies test are all negative.
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Sending positive thoughts your way that all the babies are negative.

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Already prayed for Snowwhite and all of the kitties for negative results. I pray it is all a mistake.
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Sending positive vibes from here as well! Remeber false positive at this age are common and sometimes it takes a while for the result to reverse in a retest.
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Positive vibes & prayers coming for your furbabies.
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Sending positive vibes for you to make it through the day AND for the health of your furkids!

Stay positive Val!

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Sending positive kitty vibes


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More positive vibes for the negative results coming your way......
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And more positive vibes from here.
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I hope your tests r negative. I just took in 4 strays- 3 kittens andi mom. they are all positive but I was told the kittens could turn out negative- have you seen this before? I can not foster them and need homes for them in CT. I have contacted several rescue groups- anyone know of someone wanting anothe FIV cat?
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It depends on the age of the kittens, but false positives are pretty common in kittens. Once they reach 6 months of age they should be tested and then the test (there will be two of them) should tell the truth.

There is a website where you can list infected cats and kittens to be adopted out. Let me go and find the link.

Val I am also thinking good thoughts today for you and the crew!
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Oh Val! I'm praying Snow whites was a mistake and the others will be okay!

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one hour to go guys! My stomach is in knots!!
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I know this day has to be the longest for you. I sure hope everything turns out ok. Will be sending good thoughts your way.
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I'm off to school soon but will continue praying there!

I love yah Val and I don't know what I would do if your kitties were sick!

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about 20 minutes more guys! I'm soooo nervous!!!!
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Only a couple minutes to go. Here's wishing your kittys the best. (((((Hugs))))) and Meows from my seven.Meow
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They are ALL negative!!!!! All the kittens are okay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG OMG OMG!! I'm so happy!!! Thank you SOOOO MUCH! For all the board magic! OMG!!! Gotta go hug my babies!!
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Give 'em all hugs from me too!!
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(all the bounCy things here)

And a SUPER HORRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm so happy for you, I hope Snowwhites next test will be negative too and all will be ok.
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