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If you could get another cat...which breed?

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I thought this might make a fun post. Always fun to hear about what other people like.

If you were to purchase/adopt a purebred cat, which breed would it be, and why?

I'll start. Actually, it's kind of hard to decide, since I love all kitties, but, here goes:

1) A Cream British Shorthair (I think they are so pretty), plus I really enjoy my Britty Kitties

2) An American Shorthair (Classic Silver Tabby). Think they are gorgeous!

3) The biggest, floppiest Ragdoll I could find! I like almost all the color patterns. Would probably prefer either a seal bi-color, or a seal-mitted.

How about you guys?!?!?

Cindy W.
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A bicolor (black and white or gray and white) or an orange british shorthair. They are my fav hands down.

If I truly was going to get another cat though, I would wonder around and soon enough one would find me they seem to find me even when i'm not looking for them!
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A big polydactyl blue! Just like Zoey!
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I personally go for personality, not looks. I would adopt a lover-boy, purr-muffin, preferably one that will be (or remain) a BIG boy when fully grown. Or perhaps a playful, rambuctious, whacky, stubborn little cuss. I had a Manx at one time that fit both of these personality types, but I only adopted him because he was a rescue cat.

All cats are beautiful!
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A Ragdoll!
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Another Aby, I love them!

I would also like a Pixie-Bob, a Russian Blue, a Turkish Angora, a Bengal....

I need to win the lottery!
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I want another Tabby just like Rocky.....
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A Siamese or a Pixie Bob.
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...dosen't matter - we just need to click!
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A Silver Aby and a British Shorthair Chinchilla.

The Aby mostly because of the wonderful character.
The BS because of its stunning beauty. Especially the eyes.
To me this is the kind of cat you get first and then you start building your house around it
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a munchkin!

and a poly like Kim Ward's Peanut - hes got gorgeous colouring!
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For personality, I'll always go for a tux boy alley cat! They're quite handsome, too. I've never gone looking for a new cat; they always seem to find me.

If I were to get a purebred cat, it's a tough call but I think Bengals and Egyptian Maus are the most beautiful...I love the silky, glossy smooth coats & gorgeous exotic markings. I also love the Maine Coons - I took my husband to a cat show this year & he said "now THAT'S a cat!" when he saw one. They look so huge and huggable.
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If I had to get a breed other than Russian Blue, I'd get a Havanna Brown or an Aby.

But I'm starting to get soft spot for poly's and calicos!

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If I were to get another cat, I would do the same as I did with Max. I would go to the local humane shelter and let a cat pick me. It always works. I don't really care what the cat looks like. I care more about it's personality.
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I would also get more deaf cats - I just love Kahu, hes wonderful!
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My husband I have talked about this and we both like the Snow Shoe and the bengal that they call snow or silver color. But also we agree that with the 3 we have inside should be our limit
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Wow its so hard to choose! I have a quite a few on my list
A Maine Coon, a Russian Blue, or a Bengal for purebreds. Polys would be great for any of the above. I love those extra toes!
Most likely for me though would be a Tortie or a Calico. I know theyre almost always females, but if I could find a male Tortie I would be thrilled!
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Well this is a tuff one for me , I kinda like all breeds or normal house cats . I do favor the Selkirk Rex ,they are calm no curtain climpers . So it would have to be a curly one , I like the curls on a cat . So I would say a LaPerm , they have naturly curles I also like one more Cornish Rex cat for the curls and the long faces , but they are very $$$$$ %550.00 is the cheapest to find . Well , for me it is a lot of money what I could spend some where els .
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What can I say...it would be either another stray rescue or another American Curl, since I've fallen deeply in love with American Curls from the time I first met one in the mid 1980's. I also love what I know of Scottish Folds, Maine Coons, and Devon Rex. But...no plans to get any.
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1. Bengal
2. Gray striped tabby shorthair
3. Abbysinian

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1.) A red Maine Coon cuz they are just big beautiful cats
2.) A Bengal
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Too many choices !
Would love a Ragdoll, Turkish van.
Would just love to have more (and be able to take care of them)than I have now.....sigh.
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HI Cindy,
Ihave a European shorthair from a shelter, great loving cat, very purry. If you are looking for a wonderful not too outspoken cat I´d recommend a Maine Coon.I wish Icould have more.They are ideal cats good size not clingy but like to be stroked any time. I guess all this is due to my breeder.She breeds for character and health.(Look her up at Doublebee. her name is Brook Blaut)she is very successful in breeding beautiful and nice character cats.On top of that I favour Savannah and Bengal cats but have no experience with them.They are supposed to be very lively.Ocicats are beautiful too.
So good luck with your choice and my Maine Coon is just the cat.
Furry meows
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Persians are my destiny I don't want any other type of cat!
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I am dying for a siamese. Also a birman or ragdoll. The blue eyes just kill me! Especially offset in a dark face...drool...
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Of course I LOOOOOOVE Persians but I also like the following kitties and would love to have them!

1. Brittish Shorthair
2. Ragdoll
3. Bengal
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more siamese and a Havana Brown. They are so beautful,say one at a cat show.
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Just what I need another cat!

But hands down a Pixie-Bob, Norweigan Forest Cat and Turkish Van
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Russian Blue or any blue cat
ASH silver tabby
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I've grown quite fond of Bengals, Russian Blues and Aby's...but in all actuality...I'd take any cat that needs a home & lots of loves!
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