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Color Question

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What would you call this color/pattern?

Mother is Brn. McTabby/White & Father is Blue Point, I've been told: Blue Lynx Point/White.

BTW he is a Munchkin, that is my breed.

TIA, Denise
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From the picture, He looks like a Blue Lynx point W/ White. What color are his paw pads, and does he have any patchy cream on his legs or feet?
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You breed munchkins!!! Awesome, so do My wife and I. You can see our website from my wifes post above. Nice to have you here, I hope we hear more from you!

I would agree with that color as well, However....

Depending on who he is reg'd with, I would look closely at the color description for the association.

The reason I say this is because it could mean the difference between a good Blue Lynx Point w/White and a great one....
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Thanks Sandie & Ken


Now may I ask for another opinion on a color or pattern? I feel this is Torbie/White, what would you say?
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Looks like a torbie and white to me.
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Please keep in mind that associations definition may vary from TICA, however, If I had him/her on the table, I would say this is a Red Spotted Patched Tabby Parti. But again, I'm not going by TICA color standards. TICA uses Torbie in their descriptions, we dont.
Sooooo... I would really need to know the paw pad color(s), the nose color and outline (if any).

If it helps you can go Here for the TICA color standards, specifically starting with section 803 Page 36 and contineuing onto section 804.

Colors are confusing as heck, especially when you've got a couple of patterns working...

Hope that helped......
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BTW.... That's a beautiful Munchkin!!
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I agree with Sandie & Ken on the first one, Pointed cats shouldn't have 'white feet' though... In our standard anyway.

The second cat over here we would call that a Brown Tortoishell Tabby Bicolor-

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