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i think my cat is pregnant

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My cat was born with bright baby pink nipple color so its hard to know if she s pregnant . Her nipples are bigger now , My mom like 4 to 5 weeks ago saw my cat acting strangely after a mate , ( not sure if they mated ) . Im scared if she is false pregnant , im sure that the male is fertile he already got kids a month ago with our friends cat. So plz tell if my cat is pregnant or not , or ask me questions about my cat so you could see if my cat is pregnant , or if you want me to post images :) ( the vet is kind of out of town..).

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Your cat is probably pregnant, and it's a great shame she wasn't spayed some time ago - straight after your mum saw her with the male would have been good, before that would have been better.  Even now she can probably be spayed - talk to your vet when he's 'kind of back in town'.

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WHY is it a shame ???? i will take care of my kittens very well , i will keep or give to trusted people ... ,  DON T WORRY , plz , i need more answers 

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Pretty simple really, any time an unspayed cat is allowed outside it's more than likely they will end up pregnant.


It's a shame because there are enough moggies having kittens.


Maybe you could catch the male and have him neutered too.

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It will be pretty obvious by the time she's 4 weeks pregnant.


You have to understand that many of us work or volunteer with shelters, vets, and rescues, and we see too many wonderful cats and kittens have to be put to sleep to make room for more wonderful cats and kittens.  I hope you don't have the experience many people have, which is that it's almost impossible to give kittens away to good homes when the time comes.


We'd love to see photos of your cat; that might help us tell if she's pregnant.


If she is, you should be feeding her a very nutritious food, such as kitten food.

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Yup, in this day in age people are educated enough to know your cats and dogs SHOULD be spayed and neutered.

There is enough unwanted kittens and cats in this world, if you don't believe me then check your local SPCA or online rescue site's.




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OK , lol my cat don t go outside we live in an apartment , and if she s pregnant she would be pregnant of my other cat Thomas, he got 5 kids from my friends cat ( we gave her our cat so they could mate) But i really wanted my cat lilly ( who is maybe pregnant)  to get me kittens at least once , i love her so much and i want to see her kittens too . ill post some images later .

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I'm thinking about volunteering in a shelter in the summer 

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Why on earth do you want your cat to have kittens?  She is not a human, she doesn't have the concept of wanting babies.  Do you want all your friends you love to have babies so you can see them as well?


You don't say where you live so somewhere in the US seems likely.  In the US there are many perfectly healthy cats and kittens being euthanased every day because the shelters can't find homes for them and more unwanted / lost cats and kittens are turning up every day.  The people who will have your cat's kittens could have had one of those instead, giving it a life.


Unspayed cats also run extra health risks - obviously those of pregnancy, plus pyometria and breast cancer.


And I can only think you are very lucky if the male isn't spraying in the house.  Tom cat urine is vile.

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Originally Posted by West123 View Post

 My mom like 4 to 5 weeks ago saw my cat acting strangely after a mate , ( not sure if they mated ) .

What was this strangely behavior?  Was she thrashing and rolling around on the floor?  almost like in great pains?

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Originally Posted by StefanZ View Post

What was this strangely behavior?  Was she thrashing and rolling around on the floor?  almost like in great pains?


I asked her she said yes, what does that mean?

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to OrientalSlave :Ok i understand you , my tom cat isnt spraying in the house

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Originally Posted by West123 View Post


I asked her she said yes, what does that mean?

They females do so after a done mating.  It looks worse than it is,


Anyway, we know now 100% sure they had a full intercourse, etc.


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I would rephrase that:  Your tomcat isn't spraying in the house - yet


Most of them do, eventually.  If this is the young cat you refered to in another post he may well start to do so in the next year or so.

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Thanks for your replies and OrientalSalve i'm sorry i made you mad of me, i will tell all the cat owners in Lebanon to spray their cats , and me too as soon as possible . :) And StefanZ i m sorry i didnt understand plz make it clearer , i didnt understand if she is pregnant or ... ( Sorry bad in English ) 

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"Spray" is what uncastrated male cats do. . .it means they urinate all over your house frown.gif. Very unpleasant. I would recommend having your male castrated as soon as you can so he doesn't start doing that.

"Spay" means to get a female cat a hysterectomy so she can't have kittens. It's much healthier for her and it reduces the number of kittens killed because there aren't enough good homes for them frown.gif. Cats are very good at getting pregnant and having too many babies, and it just isn't possible to find homes for all the kittens born, so many are killed. It's very sad. Better to prevent the pregnancy before so that there's less killing.

To answer your original question: yes, I'm positive your cat is pregnant. Any time an unspayed female cat is around a fertile tomcat (inside or outside), she'll get pregnant. That's just how cats are. And this is the usual time of year that cats mate, so there is at least a 99.9% chance she will be having babies in a month or so. I hope everything works out for her! Giving birth is dangerous for all females.
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Originally Posted by West123 View Post

 And StefanZ i m sorry i didnt understand plz make it clearer , i didnt understand if she is pregnant or ... ( Sorry bad in English ) 

Yes, I think she is pregnant. The cats has mated, were together, had sex, made love, slept together... etc etc...  :)  We KNOW this as she trashed and rolled afterwards.

I myself have English as my third language, so you are not alone with broken english on this forum!   :)



Spay is castrathing females,  "hysterectomy" in medical.

neuter is castrating males.

We on TCS recommend this for almost allcats. Unless you ARE a breeder.

The cats life gets easier.  The cat is becoming more nice to you too.   :)

Yours life gets easier, your neigbours life gets easier... etc...     :)

And  less danger for unwanted cats becoming homeless.




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It definitely sounds like the cats mated successfully and she is now unfortunately pregnant. How old is the female, old enough to have the kittens without too much of a risk?


It is very expensive to take care of kittens, so that is another reason to spay/neuter your cats. They eat a lot, use litter a lot, need to be de-wormed, vaccinated, and of course taken to the vet if something goes wrong. Also the mommy cat eats a lot more when pregnant and nursing, and she needs good quality kitten food to be able to feed her kittens properly. And if she needs a c-section while giving birth, it's even more expensive. If you really plan on letting her have these kittens, make sure you have lots of money saved in case something goes wrong.


Remember that kittens must stay with their mom until they are 12 weeks old! After that they need to be spayed/neutered if you are keeping them so they don't end up mating with their mom, dad, brother or sister, as that obviously is not a good thing.

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to NorthrenGlow ; thanks and my cat is old enough, she's 3 years old... i just want to ask about this Quote. if the cats are a month and a half and they learnt how to eat and poop by it self can it be separated from the mother.?



Remember that kittens must stay with their mom until they are 12 weeks old!

to Willowy : thanks for your reply

to:StefanZ ; Thanks for your reply ,.. now i understand whats the difference between neuter and spay , and btw English is my third language too :)))

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At a month and a half (6 weeks), kittens will survive if taken away from their mother. It's the youngest they can survive without a lot of special care. But they shouldn't leave their mother that young unless it's an emergency. They learn a lot of lessons from their mother and littermates after that age, and nursing longer will give them better immunity. The best age for kittens to leave their mother is 10-12 weeks (two and a half to three months). Then they've learned all their cat lessons, are big and strong enough and will be much healthier and better behaved.
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It's the mental health of the kittens in question when taking them away too early from their mom. Mom teaches them what kind of behavior is ok, i.e. no biting or scratching while playing. Mom also teaches them to hunt, for toys if an indoor only cat, but she does it anyway to make sure her kittens will survive. Breeders keep their kittens for 12-16 weeks for a good reason. The 16 week mark is usually because of vaccination schedule, but some kittens need to stay with their mom a bit longer. 


A kitten will survive without it's mother if taken care of properly, but you can't teach him/her how to be a cat. For example my last litter had a kitten who I had to bottle feed for the first 4 weeks of his life because he was too small and couldn't make it alone because the bigger siblings were pushing him away from the mom's nipples. However it was the mom who taught him to use the litter box and clean himself and act like a cat should. He is doing fine now. He was 13 weeks old when he moved to his new home. Mommy was still happily nursing the kittens at that point (and few weeks later too).


80% of the kittens/cats I've met who were weaned way too early (usually around 8 weeks) are biters and scratchers. They also seem to have more litter box 'accidents' and they are very clingy or the exact opposite, incredibly shy. For 10% I can't really tell because they are mostly outdoors and the other 10% seem to be fine.

This could also be because of high inbreeding (cats breeding outside with each other every year for generations, whether or not related), but my vote is on the early weaning/lack of proper socialization.


*edit to add*

1-4 weeks: the mom feeds the kittens. Kittens don't do much else at that point because they can't keep themselves warm yet so they need mommy to keep them warm.

4-6 weeks: kittens start to explore a bit more, they start to get interested in solid food and drinking from a dish. Litter box is tested.

6-8 weeks: play fighting between kittens start to actually mean something and their eye sight is getting better (it won't be fully developed until they are 2 months old). Litter box habits should be learned fully around this time.

8-12 weeks: kittens have grown full set of baby teeth, scratching post manners come slowly when mom shows them what to do. Mom starts to 'tell' them when they are playing too rough, and starts to bring prey/toys to them in order to stop nursing and kittens to learn fully eat solid food and get it themselves if outdoors (if outside, they usually stick with mom a bit longer, around 16 weeks until able to hunt properly). You will notice that they don't treat you as a toy anymore once the mom has, if needed, showed them that it actually hurts what they were doing.

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Originally Posted by StefanZ View Post


Spay is castrathing females,  "hysterectomy" in medical.

neuter is castrating males.




In the UK both sexes get neutered.  Males get castrated (testicles removed), females get spayed (ovaries, uterus etc. removed).  However it's common to find neuter used for males and spay for females, presumably because people are uncomfortable with 'castrate'.


Lots of info on the FAB website:


Wikipedia explains the entymology of the words:


But it's incorrect in suggesting that only the ovaries are removed in cats, at least in the UK.


In Scotland where I live there is a very quaint phrase for neutering - getting your cat 'dressed'!  I have no idea why.

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Thanks , My cat is eating more then usually , like every 2 hour ... even sometimes when i feed her after 5 mins she will go meowing to my sister to feed her. Is my cat 100 % pregnant , if yes does this means she is in her 3 - 4 week , i didnt feel the babies yet, dont worry im not pressuring hardly on her tummy
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I am pretty sure your cat is pregnant... but I am no vet. I don't think you can be able to feel the kittens move yet. Most people say they can feel the kittens move the last two weeks of the cat's pregnancy.
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