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He's such a cutie with such big, expressive eyes! Oh my!
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Well, the vet called and Osiris is a healthy boy! Fiv and FeLk were both negative!!!

He met some of the big kitties on an one-on-one supervised basis. Jules, all 18 lbs of him, is afraid of the kitten! Romeo fell in love and started to groom him. Phoenix doesn't know what to make of him!
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Oh, Jules, you silly boy!
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check out your siggie
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Thank you!!! Too cool!!!

He is bounding around the room right now. He somehow climbed into the big kitty litter box and actually used it! What a good boy! We need to get it out of the room though as it has clumping litter in it. We have a little box in here for him with regular litter in it.
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Osiris is a cutie!!!! ahhhh I think I really want another kitty but JB wouldn't like it.
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I cant belive I almost missed this thread .
Sue , he is a wonderful and pretty cutie pie , no wonder you fell in love with him . My congrats on the new baby .
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He looks very sweet in your siggy and I'm glad he's healthy!
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He is sitting here on my lap right now! What a little purrrbaby!!!!
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Awwwww! I miss having kittens! One is not enough for me!LOL
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