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Ladies, I'm needing some help with clothes

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I feel kind of silly asking this but what kind of jeans or khaki pants do you prefer the most? I've lost about 15 pounds and my pants are so loose I can pull them off without unbuttoning them! At work, I can't wear jeans (except for Fridays), so I have to wear Khaki's or those types of pants. I hate wearing black pants...too much cat hair around here!

I usually buy work pants at WalMart or Old Navy, and right now at WalMart they don't have any khaki pants (except for Capris...those won't be very helpful in the Winter time! ) and Old Navy is 70 miles away.

I have a hard time finding good fitting pants or jeans in the first place because of my figure. I'm a bigger gal...not really fat, but got a little pudge in places that I don't want it to be. I've got a fairly small waist, but larger if I find a pair that fits in the waist the legs are skin tight or if I find a pair that fits in the thighs the waist is huge. In the waist I wear a 14, but in the thighs I wear a 16.

Any suggestions? I'm not looking to spend a fortune since my clothes sometimes take a beating while I'm working.
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I like Dockers Khaki pants. They are very comfortable. I got mine at Goody's on sale for about $28.00. But I feel best in blue jeans. I usually get the Jordache jeans at Wal-mart. I like them. Sometimes it's hard to find some that aren't flared though.
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I bought men's Rustler Legendary Gold khakis at Target, for $10 a pair. They come in cream, brown and black. I've noticed a several of my supervisors (male and female) wearing them, too. They fit nicely, don't wrinkle and look good.

When I worked at Walgreen's I bought polyester gabardine pants at WalMart (Kathi Lee brand). I think that I paid either $14.99 or $16.99 a pair.
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Did you know that Walmart sells Levi's now? They're not like the originals, but they seem nice. I tried on a pair (they were flared), but they didn't look right with my chunky thighs. I hoping that our store gets Levi's with out the flared legs...maybe they'll fit better.

I haven't ever tried Dockers. I'm not real big on the pleats in front but I'm sure they probably make them without the pleats.

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Thanks Cindy...I'll check those out too!
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I hear ya!
I may be quite scrawny but i still have and always have had big thighs! The good news is that us pear shapes are less prone to heart disease.

15 lbs... That's awesome.
Keep it up shell...
Before you know it you'll be needing MORE smaller pants!

What about those drawstring pants?
Those are generally cheaper than khakhis, although they still look like khakhis, and they're a lot more comfy too.

You could wear those with a long white shirt and a smart looking waistcoat...

Or are those too casual for work during the week?

And i hate those pleats in the front too... This may sound a bit weird but i've always found that men's pants, especially the straight cuts with no pleats look a lot better on me than the women's do...
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Target has some really cute Mossimo pants -- last year I was unable to fit into a size 16, and that is a juniors. A few weeks ago, I thought 'what they heck' I'll try them on ....... And, they fit! I bought the black ones -- they are form fitting, but are a spandexy-cottony material, but feel like rayon. They are very comfortable. I also have a pair of linen cargo pants from JC Penneys by Bissou that are a size 16, which are nice too.
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I like Dockers myself. And they do make them without pleats, and a couple different pocket styles too. Non-pleated pants make one look slimmer. They have one pocket style that is small, slit like, and doesn't open on the side of your hips. So that you don't get "extra hip" because of pockets. Dockers have a large selection of colors too. I have to buy pants that have long inseams, because I have a 33 inch inseam (I'm 5 ' 6" but I'm all legs.) Dockers pants have long inseams to size 4. I find that Kohl's and JC Penney Department stores carry the largest selections.
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I have really started to like things with alittle strech in them. I normally shop at fashion bug.
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I like Dockers too, but Lee has a flat front Khaki Pant out that are really comfortable and fit well. They come in the Khaki color, brown, black,dark green and blue and they are soo comfortable. I like the flat front ones the best, they have ones with the pleats in the front but the flat front ones seem to look better to me. Lee brand seems to fit the best on me. The ones I have are made of a blend of cotton and have a bit of stretch to them too, but they look like regular cotton material and they wash up great too, really comfy.
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I love cargo pants...any brand. They are loose fitting, so if you gain or lose a few you can still use the same size.

I'm like you Shell, my size is an odd one too because my behind is bigger than my waiste is! I usually buy the bigger size though and just wear a belt or tighten the string in the waiste.

Happy Shopping!
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Originally posted by Shell

I've got a fairly small waist, but larger if I find a pair that fits in the waist the legs are skin tight or if I find a pair that fits in the thighs the waist is huge
I have that same "pear shaped" problem. Dockers and Levis don't fit me right - too big in the waist to fit my thighs. Lee's seem to fit my shape a lot better, whether it be jeans or Docker-like. Lee's does have Khakis as well as a lot of other colors. But I have to go to Kohls or Dilliards or a place like that to get them. I've only seen Lee jeans at Walmart, not khakis.
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Hey, wow...I'm not the only one that has this problem after all! Not all women are rectangular! I have the full hips & tiny waist too. Plus I'm 5'8 but all leg and shortwaisted so to me all pants are capris!

I haven't been able to find them for awhile, but if you can find the Gitano brand they make pants that are proportioned to fit. Also, try looking for pants marked with a "relaxed" fit - roomier in the thighs. You may have some luck at a Western Wear store, too - the pants they sell there (if you can find one that carries khakis - call ahead) tend to be better proportioned, fitting women that have smaller waists and fuller hips. And belts are a lifesaver, of course. Let us know what you find.
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I buy men's levis - the relaxed fit is just perfect, I dont like women's pants for some reason. Im just strange LOL. I am the same as most of you - pear shaped. Oh why oh why?
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For jeans, hands down my favorites are Eddie Bauer. No question about it
For khakis I like Lands End.
Congrats on losing the weight! Thats awesome!
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Ohh I LOVE Eddie Bauer as well - I got so many of his pants LOL
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Why don´t you buy at LL: BEAN´s: It´s my favourite shop and their stuff is good quality and you can buy online.You see I´ m disabled and can´t go shopping very often and live in Germany.By the way I´ll be in Michigan and California in December visiting my son. I FINALLY GOT MY VISA AT THE EMBASSY IN BERLIN after the 2-year hassle. Ijust can´t believe it.Most people tell me that I must be out of my mind to want to fly to the STATES after what .I went through at INS but hell my son´s there so sure I´ll go.So good luck. Hope you find what you´ve been looking for.
furry meows
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Thanks Everyone for the great suggestions! I was shocked to see so many's nice to know that I'm not the only one!

I plan on going shopping this weekend or possibly the first week in September. I'll let you guys know what I find!

Thanks again!
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