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Mabel Is So Sad

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Well, we have now taken all three kittens away from our little stray cat. The kittens are in good homes. Mabel (the mom cat) watched from a distance as we took each one. Today we gave away the last kitten. Mabel has been crying and crying all day and evening. She has searched every nook and crany of the garage, where she stayed with them most of the time. The only time she seems content is when I am outside with her or our other cat is outside. How long will this last? I know that cats do not have the same attachment as humans, but watching her now...am I just a sap?

Just so you all know, Mabel will be spayed soon so that she and I do not have to go through this again.
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Sounds like Mabel is suffering from separation anxiety. That does happen sometimes when babies go to new homes and mama is left behind. I'm sure with time and after being spayed, she'll calm down. Just try to give her all the love and understanding you can. By the way, how old were the kittens that you placed? The longer they stay with mama, the less traumatic it can be when they leave.
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I am also going to be facing this situation in a few weeks (about 5). Muffy has 5 babies, 4 of which are going elsewhere. I know she'll be heart broken when they leave. She's so attentive to them. At least she'll have the one we're keeping, but I still think it'll be hard on her. She's getting spayed the first week of August when the kittens are 8 weeks old and it's an overnight stay. I'm hoping this will help her get used to the idea. I may have their new owners pick them up while she's gone. (I know 8 weeks is young, but this is as long as I can keep them.)

I hope Mabel feels better soon.
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I hate to say it, but it's very possible she is crying all day and night because she is in heat again. Cats go back into heat even while nursing. She is also going through a bunch of hormonal changes. I would keep an eye on her until the spay or she may get pregnant again if outside unsupervised.
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I forgot about that!:paranoid2
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Wow, Sandie, I think you hit the nail on the head with that one! I guess I figured I still had some time. When I read your reply, it occured to me that a couple of the neighborhood tom cats have been hanging around the yard again. Good grief. I better expediate the spay. Mabel will be sleeping in the garage tonight.

Donna, I gave the kittens away when they were a little less than ten weeks. I thought they were a week or so older, but I counted back and found that they were younger than I thought. I hope it wasn't too soon, but the kittens were getting a little out of hand (getting out of the yard, disappearing up into the tree), and we felt that it was time to socialize them. I know Mabel is suffering from the separation because she searched the garage for them again today. Now I also believe she is in heat again.

Thank you so much for your warm-hearted replies. I feel better today than I did yesterday, and I know Mabel will be feeling better soon.
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Mother cats can be really out of sorts as their milk dries up. Mabel may be sore for a while as her teats harden and then shrink. Be careful about her abdomen when you pick her up.
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Thank you, Michelle, I was wondering about that too. I will be careful.

I'm more convinced than ever that Mabel is in heat. A male cat is making himself at home in our yard. This morning I yelled at him to get out of here, but he just stared at me and didn't move. I ran out and chased him out of the yard and two minutes later he was back! Yep, it's just like it was before.

I have an appointment for the spay on Monday morning.
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