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I'm back...

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Hi everyone.
We got back from our holiday on sunday evening...
It was really fun although we were both so stressed about Mythie (there's a mythie update in the health and nutrition forum)...

Anyway, i'll probably post some pictures when I upload them...

I'm bed ridden as i had a small personal operation yesterday...

Nothing serious... But i need to take it easy for a while...

Guess what guys...
We saw a whole bunch of the locations used for filming lord of the rings and apart from the roads and the houses it looks EXACTLY like it does in the movie... In fact, it almost looks nicer in real life!

Queenstown, which is pretty much near where they filmed a lot of the movie is really beautiful. I'm not fond of small towns but the country side is truly spectacular!

I'm so glad to be home though... There's just nothing quite like sleeping with cats.
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Glad to hear that you made it back home safe and sound. Sorry to hear about your surgery. Sending healing thoughts your way! Sounds like even though you were stressed about Mythie, you did have a good time.

Can't wait to see those pic's! I'm so happy your finally back home...I've missed you!
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Welcome back Suraya! I'm so envious! We got the Two Towers dvd yesterday and watched most of the extras. New Zealand is so spectacular! I would love to visit some day.

Hope you recover quickly from the surgery.

Good to have you back!
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Welcome back, it´s really nice to see you again!

It´s good that you enjoyed your holiday!
To bad you had to have an operation, hope you will heal soon!

I agree with you about sleeping with cats! Pollýnna used to sleep under my cover with her head on my pillow and Feykirófa on our feet(or mostly my s/o´s feet). Before my son was born, we decited to keep them out of our bed, for at least his first year. I miss having them there so much, I have brought it up, but my s/o likes to continue keeping them out of our bed, he likes cathair/dirty pawprint free bed (I must convince him soon though )
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Welcome back! I've been thinking about you a lot the last few days! It seems like you've been gone forever!
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Aw thanks guys...
Thanks shell, i missed you too.
And looks like i'm still addicted to TCS!

I did have a nice time. But you know how it is... in all the moments where we weren't doing anything significant i was worried sick... Like when i was brushing my teeth, showering, eating...

But i must admit though... It's pretty difficult to worry while youre looking at the scenery from lord of the rings...

Cats in new zealand are HUGE!!!
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Hi!! Glad to hear you managed to get some enjoyment out of your vacation despite worrying...sounds like a grand time.

Of course, everyone was asking about you!!
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Welcome Back You have been missed on here. I hope that you get to feeling better real soon.

Healing Vibes coming from GA.
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Welcome back!!!
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Welcome back! We missed you!!!
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Glad to see you Yzma! Welcome back!
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Welcome Back Suraya!

Glad you had a good time here in NZ, I live 10 minutes away from where most of LOTR was filmed I hope you recover nicely.

See ya round.
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Yzma, glad that you loved NZ! I miss my home (i am a chch girl)

Welcome back!
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Welcome back!
We missed you, but I'm glad you had fun...it sounds so beautiful. Pictures pictures pictures!
Hope you're feeling better soon & Mythie too!
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