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what is your favorite season of the year?? mine has to be the fall time, and it is just next month here in ohio, the leaves on the trees turn different colors and the air feels real crisp and clean. i wished it stayed that way all year long
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My favorite is Fall too, I love that time of year. I agree, the air is crisp and clean feeling. I'm ready for some temperature changes that go along with fall too! It was 95 here in Savannah today and the humidity is awful here.
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Mine is spring/early summer, when everything is blooming, it´s getting warmer, the days are getting longer, the nights become daylight bright...

I also love the fall, all the colours, and crispy air, but the downside to the fall is that it´s getting so much cooler, and also just as some falls in Iceland are just so beautyful and crystal clear, some falls are just WINDY and the leaves fall off early (or get blown off!) and you cant go out without your hair getting a windy mess...
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I spend most of the summer inside with the AC set at 68 and count the days till fall.
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Definately Fall! Yep.... I'm a fall girl! Even born in the fall!
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we dun have seasons here in singapore... we only have the hot summer here....
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I love autumn. It's cooler than springtime, and I love the smell in the air.

My second favorite is spring. I despise both winter and summer.
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I'm another fall girl! Actually, I would really love winter if it wasn't so cold. LOL I love winter colors, snowflakes, snow, Thanksgiving and Christmas, snuggling up by the fire, snuggling with hubby and the cats. OK, I talked myself into winter.

Actually, I had a winter themed wedding, with snowflakes being the predominant image. I even had snowflakes around the edging of my veil.
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My favorite season is summer. Spring is wet, cool, and crummy in general. Fall never seems to last very long, and I agree with the person who said that the downside to fall is that it's getting much cooler. That means winter is coming, and where I live, winter always lasts waaaay too long. I really think I would enjoy the seasons a lot more if I lived in a different part of the country.
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Originally posted by kateang
we dun have seasons here in singapore... we only have the hot summer here....
We joke here in Michigan that we only have 2 seasons; Winter and Road Construction!

I love all four of Michigan's seasons. I can't say I favor one over the other.
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Spring here. The cold of winter is behind us and a glorious hot summer to look forward before us. Life is renewed once again everywhere you look......
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Fall! - I love the relief from summer's heat, and looking forward to cooler days and the changing colors. I can't bear to stay indoors once the air starts to turn cool! Winter is nice most of the time, too. It only freezes a couple of times here - most of the winter it's in the 50's to the 70's. It feels really weird celebrating Christmas when it's 70 degrees outside, though! Early spring is my second favorite - cool & crisp, no mosquitoes yet, lots of beautiful flowers.
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I love Fall. I love the way it smells, I love the way it looks and I love wearing sweaters. We have the most gorgeous fall days. People come from all around to see the color of our trees. Red, brown, orange and green all mingled together. Just a little while to wait!

I also like winter, but we need to have snow. Last winter was way too cold and our snow came late in the year, so many people had frozen pipes. We need the snow to insulate our pipes from frost. We also need the snow for our tourists who come here to snowmobile, ski, etc.
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I the fall season! My nickname is the Cottage Queen because I spend as much time as I can at my cottage. The fall season is spectacular there with all the colours and the smell of a wood fire.

The most amazing and peaceful sight is waking up at the cottage early on a fall morning and watching the mist rise up off the lake.

I just wish the season was longer!
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I love spring most , but here it is not very long just a few weeks . I also like the fall , it cools down more in Georgia .

Malyn , I only live one hour away from you . I am in Hinesville .
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I love Autumn. I love the leaves and the cool, brisk weather. I love wearing sweaters too. In the winter my cool sweaters are just covered by a bulky jacket I also love the bonfires and people stocking up on things for winter. I wish it lasted longer, its really too bad it goes so fast. My second favorite then is Winter. I love the snow and dont mind the cold too much. I love the holidays for the season too. The only thing I absolutely hate about winter is driving in it. Yuck. I hate driving through snow and on icy roads!!
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Call me weird, I love winter ! I love the cold (my hubby keeps threatning to send me to Alaska :rednose: ), and I love all types of jackets and winter coats. Winter also means more time inside in the evenings to work on my quilting !
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Spring for new life. And Autumn for reminding me how precious life is. Not that everythings dies in fall, but the leaves do.
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My favorite season is winter. Although I don't like walking on ice.
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It puts me in the mood to bake!
I love to look at the pretty colors.
It's the one season that isn't long enough.

I also love Christmas. After that winter can go.
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In the summer it's so hot, I'm wishing it was winter. In the winter it's so cold, I'm wishing it was summer. So, I like Spring and Fall better. Overall, I think my favorite is Spring. Everything is so beautiful and full of life that time of year. Right now though, I'm really looking forward to fall and seeing all of the pretty colors and the cooler weather.
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