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New cat owner- HELP!!

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I got 3 almost year old kittens in Feb. 2 females (Clare and Little Bob)and a male (Henry Ford). Clare and Henry were inseparable. Little Bob was always a little standoffish, but they all got along. I let them out about a month ago. Little Bob and Henry came back that night. Clare was gone for 3 weeks. She finally came back 2 weeks ago, a little skinnier but ok. And now she won't let Henry or Little Bob near her. She hisses and growls and doesn't want anything to do with Henry. I am devastated. They all used to get along so good. What can I do to help Clare come around??
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Are they all neutered? If not, they have reached sexual maturity and need to be neutered right away.
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I would take Claire to the vet right away. She could have been traumatized or injured outside, more than likely she was mated with and could be pregant even though she is skinny. If your males are not neutered, get them neutered and that will help. But a vet would be a really good idea.
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Welcome to the site. I'll move this to the Behavior Forum for you since it's really a behavior question.
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Both Clare and Little Bob were neutered before I put them outside. Henry is like a big baby and looked up to Clare. I will get him fixed as soon as I can. I realize Clare was traumatized but what else can I do?
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You can keep them inside...
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I agree with Sicycat. Keeping your cats inside is the safest thing for them. A cat that is allowed to roam freely outside faces hazards such as traffic, dogs, other predators, fights with other cats, mean people, getting trapped or locked in somewhere, and there is also the possibility that a cat could get into something that is very toxic. It is possible for a well-cared for indoor-only cat to live up to 20 years or even a little longer.
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