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My cat has hurt his paw!

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My youngest cat has hurt his paw, and we took him to the vets, who said there is nothing bone wise thats broken, and nothing stuck in his paw, so there is no "reason" why he should be in pain.


I however know that if your bones are fine, and nothing stuck in the paw does not mean he may of pulled a muscle or ligaments etc (I have ripped my ligaments in both my ankles), which should heal over time.


He will run, and walk on the paw normally when needed. He has not lost his appetite and even uses the scratch post.


We was given pain killers, enough for a week, and told to go back for more if he is still in pain as they will do MRI type scans... I know from experience that Rest and pain free is a key factor, so should I go back to the vets when medication is low without the cat in question as going to the vets is a long travel for him and don't want to put him though additional stress as its a 40 minute drive and they already have seen him.


What do I do?


Yes, he goes out but we live far away from the road and he does not go anywhere near it so run over is out of the question.


I think he has landed badly and strained the paw area.

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I had a similar issue with Esme. She would kind of hobble on it and then lift it when sitting still. My vet didn't give her anything, but just recommended to have her rest, if we could get her to. We limited her jumping spaces for awhile, so she couldn't jump up too high or jump down from somewhere high, which would keep her somewhat off of the paw. She ended up being fine in about 5 days and has been doing great since. biggrin.gif

I would just monitor your kitty for a few days and maybe it will heal up with some limited activity. Of course, I would check in with your vet tho to see if they need to checkup or any other tips.
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Yeah, the problem is we have a first floor window (second floor for americans) and he jumps down about 2 foot, then another 2 foot and then off a 6 foot fence.


When he stays inside all day he walks on his leg like normal but with a slight limp. If he goes out to use the bathroom, he comes back and no weight on the leg again, its as if it wont heal due to stain when jumping.

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