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Cat shows?

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Attn:Sandie or anyone else who can help me with this. I have a 2 yr.old female, she's solid black, big copper eyes. I think she has some Bombay in her. However, I don't have papers on her so I wanted to enter her in the houehold pet category. The problem is she has never done this before. She's not real shy, just aloof. She scares easy but what cat doesn't? Anyway, I was wondering if she is too old and you have to start them out as kittens or is ther something I can do? Maybe get her used to being handled? I know nothing of showing cats and any advice or info would be a big help! :flower:
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4 is not too old to show at a cat show. I showed a cat who was 3. Although I only did it once because she was shy and aloof and ended up hissing at the judge (she was not happy) there are plenty of cats who are older and do very well at cat shows. I believe the oldest cat I've seen at a show was somewhere around 12 to 14 years old. Don't let age discourage you from showing. You might want to try training her by handling her alot, because that's what the judges do. If she does not like to be handled, then she may not be happy being shown. Give it a try at home and see what happens.

Sandie, Rene or Frannie, any other suggestions???
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Most cats are scared the first time at a show no matter what age. I have even seen kittens terrified. I would just try to have friends who come over handle her a lot. Get her used to the attention of people she rarely sees. You won't ever know until you actually take them and see how they do. If they are scared, but not terrified you can do it again and see how they do. Sometimes it takes a few shows to see if they will adapt.
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I posted a "training guide" in the cat show thread in the lounge - it has some good tips and I think it was in response to your questions there too. good luck!
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