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Well it's been a while, time for an update!
After 2 pees on my bed and one poo beside the box I finally got the litter problem taken care of. One no more arm and hammer powder. Two, I made the whole ALOT bigger on her covered litter box.
As for the odor...I went ahead and tried IAMS. On the bag it said it would minimize litter odor and create less waste. I'm glad you guys recommended it because it has worked!!! I bought one $6 bag when we last discussed this and the bag still isnt empty. Also her poo doesnt smell unless she decides to not cover it and then its minimal.
So thanks. Now I can finally sleep without being woke up by her poo odor
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Great! Glad to hear things are working. Spica is such a gorgeous gal, I have a soft spot in my heart for torties.
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I'm glad it's working too no more late night poos!
Spica thanks you for the compliment
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Yay! Glad it's working.
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We have 2 cats and we used to have odor problems however, we now use cat litter deodoriser. We sprinkle it evenly over the bottom of the tray and we have never had a problem since. Our cats love using just the one tray for some strange reason, they always have.. One will go and do their business, then moments later the other is in there doing the same. The only problem we had was once and that was when i was changing the cat litter and the little girl needed to go pee pee which of course i did not know at the time, so she ran into the bathroom and pee'd on the mat, and that is the only incident we have ever had.

We tried those litter liner, but the cats just scratched them to pieces, and they ran off with little bits in their mouth's and played with the plastic!

Im glad that the smell isn't lingering while you sleep !!

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Isn't it odd the way cats act about their potty?
Spica doesnt seem to like liners either.
I'm glad the smell is gone too!! I dont think poo is a good smell at all!!! *gag*
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We used that arm& hammer deoderizer, then I discovered it was just scented baking soda, so we just use plain baking soda now. None of our cats have had any problems with it, and it really does help with the odors.
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we use Tidy Cat litter
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We dump a small box of plain baking soda in when we change the litter, and use Tidy Cats because I can get it in bulk. We are a bulk loving household.
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