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It doesn't look good for Stanley  

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I took Stanley to the Vet this morning, and he's still there. The Doctor said that Stanley was not just ill, he was seriously ill, and he personally didn't think Stanley would make it. He said Stanley is jaundiced and dehydrated that it usually means liver disease. The doctor shook his head sadly when I asked about Stanley's prognosis.

Right now, he's spending the night at the Vet hospital getting blood tests, and getting re-hydrated. The doctor said he would know in the morning if there would be any way to save Stanley, but he pretty much doubted it.

If the prognosis is really bad, I'll probably have to get him put down, so he won't suffer any longer. I just couldn't get him put down today. I had to give him a chance, even though it's costing me $300. I pray he will be OK, but I don't want to build up my hopes.

Stanley's only 2 years old. I'm used to cats with longevity. This is so sad for such a young and beautiful guy. Last week he was acting normal and healthy and now, he's almost at death's door.

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OMG, I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope he makes it! Sending lots of prayers and get well vibes! You may have said this in another thread and I missed it, but what happened to make him so sick?
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I don't know. He just got really lethargic, and stopped eating, and he acted like it was hard almost painful for him to get around. He seemed fine last week. I don't know what causes liver disease in cats. I thought he was depressed because I bought a new Bengal kitten, in fact I hoped that was what it was, but I have 2 older Siamese cats, Snoopy 18 and Shane 6, plus a Pomeranian, so I that didn't seem to be a good explanation. So, I decided to take Stanley to the Vet and see what could be wrong. The Vet said, Persians (Stanley is a Persian) don't do well with this sort of thing. My poor baby, he is so beautiful, and such a sweet gentle boy. It breaks my heart.
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Oh Hope! I'm so, so sorry to hear that! I'm hoping for a miracle for sweet little Stanley.
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Hope, I'm so sorry! I hope that he'll perk up during his treatment today. Sending lots of prayers for Stanley

Take care of yourself, too, Hope. (((((((hugs)))))))
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I am so sorry to hear this.
I wish I could say something to make you feel better.
Please find comfort in knowing you and Stanley are in my thoughts and prayers.
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Oh Hope!

I pray that the sweetest little persian gets through this!

Good wishes coming from NZ and hugs to you!

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Hope I am sorry, I am moving this to the Health Forum so that others who have dealt with this can help you.

Just curious did the vet run a tox screen? I would be looking for toxins in the blood.
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Well, they're running all the blood tests today, do those include tox screening? If the Vet tells me it's hopeless tomorrow, I'll ask if they ran tox screenings. He just seems too young to be this seriously ill.
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Hope, I'm so sorry to hear that Stanley is so ill. Sending many prayers to him! I'm praying that a miracle will happen.

Hugs to you Hope!
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Oh Hope, I am so sorry. Mega healing thoughts coming Stanley's way.

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I'm so sorry to hear that More (((((hugs))))) and ((healing vibes)) coming your way.
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If it is hepatic lipidosis, they can survive it depending on how advanced it is. Hope do not give up hope!
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Oh my, HOpe I'm so saddened by this. Stanley is such a cute boy. I pray he will pull through anyway, regardless of what the vet says.

Do you know if this something particular to Persians? Anyway..... please know my thought are with you and Stanley. Please keep us updated. Seems there is too much bad news on this site lately.
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Hope -

Oh, I am so sorry about this. Poor Stanley (and poor you).
He's so young. It just doesn't make sense that he would have liver failure. I agree with Hissy. . . perhaps he got into something that he shouldn't have?

Stanley will be in my thoguhts & prayers.

Keep us posted.

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Sending Board Magic to Stanley!
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HopeHacker , my heart is going out to you and your persian cat .I will be praying for you and you sweet cat
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This is so sad! Positive healing thoughts are on the way for you and Stanley!
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I will be praying for Stanley.
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Prayers for Stanley on their way.
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How is Stanley today?
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I am sad to report that Stanley has passed on. Out of respect for Hope I am closing this thread.
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