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Need gift idea.

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My father is my best man in my wedding which is coming up in September. I want to get him something special yet kind of cool also. I got my ushers and other groomsmen a prett cool flask with their name and the date engraved on it but that's not really my dads style. Please throw some ideas my way!!!!!


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If he's a traditional guy . . . a pocket watch, or if he's not into that sort of thing, a regular watch? You can have the back engraved.
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We got our groomsmen some really nice pocket utility tools (it's kind of like a pocketknife but has pliers & other useful stuff too - you could even get a nice one & have it engraved. You can find them at Wal-Mart & hardware or sporting goods stores. They're usually in a display case near the sporting goods counter.
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What does your Dad like?
I once got as a gift a sliver case to carry credit cards in, I have used this for years, each time I go to use a card I get complements on it.
I agree whatever you decide, have it engraved so each time he uses it you will be in his thoughts.
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How about a really nice pen in a case, with something engraved on. Pens are used all the time, and everytime he uses it, he will be reminded of you.

Just a thought, let us know how you get on?

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Jason, I don't know if you're familiar with these stores, but I have found many gifts for people at Things Remembered. They've got some really cool stuff...but some of them are kind of pricey.

Here's the website:Things Remembered

Good luck and Congrats on the upcoming wedding!
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A nice money clip with his monogram engraved on it is always a beautiful gift. Also a tie pin with his initials is a nice thoughtful gift. These are wonderful "Father" gifts!
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