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Nylon stockings

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Had a discussion this weekend about panty hose or regular nylons.  My opinion is they are becoming obsolete.  With the trend to more casual workplace dress, they seem to be an idea that has run its course.  There are never advertisements for them.


I was just wondering if anyone still has them in their dresser drawers. Do you still wear them?  I always hated them.  A midevil form of torture, IMO!laughing02.gif

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I have panty hose in my drawer, both thigh high styles and the regular ones. I don't wear them very much, I think the only time is when I'm showing my dog and wearing a skirt. The only thing I HATE about them is that they run really easily, so I end up buying the really cheap ones that come in a box with about 5 pair. 

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They've been out of style for many years now. Thank goodness; I've always looked for any excuse not to wear them, especially when I lived in Texas. Tights are okay... I've heard whispers that pantyhose/stockings are coming back but I'm ignoring that.

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I know people who still wear them...If they are so out of style, what is there for us pasty skinned people who would like to wear a skirt/dress sometimes? Definitely not into spray tans and my legs are whiter than than rice on a paper plate in a blizzard. laughing02.gif

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I wear colored tights/pantyhose/stockings/what have you all the time! I usually wear black when I have to wear a business skirt or something like that, and I wear fun colors under shorts when it's chilly outside. More interesting than jeans and you don't freeze to death.

I don't own a pair of nude ones though. Those are definitely boring to me.
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When it's not warm outside, I'll wear nylons/tights/stockings to work everyday and most evenings if I am going out anywhere. I wear dresses/skirts 99% of the time, and it gets COLD where I live, so there is no way I'd be able to go without them. I have patterned ones, coloured ones, thin ones, tons of different styles. When I was younger I hated them, but now I'm so used to them it doesn't even bother me. When it's nice outside I'll go to work with bare legs, but other than that I'll be wearing them. 

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I usually wear pants, but sometimes wear pantyhose. I hate 'em. I do wear the knee-hi version with my pants. I wear neither in the summer, when I do wear skirts every day.


I've tried garter belts and stockings, but the danged things twist around all day. I sit all day, so loose pants are more comfortable for me.

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I have a few I think.  I know I took some out last summer to help tie my tomato plants up in the garden! laughing02.gif


I hated those things even when I was skinny!

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I have a few pairs in a drawer somewhere. But I tend to use them more during the winter with my wool skirts and then it's black tights more so than pantyhose.

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I have a couple pairs of the knee high kind for emergencies. lol


Hubby has a pair of red tights to go with his jester costume :)

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I might have worn them more often if I could find a pair that fit! One maker had a huge panty but short legs and the crotch was at my knees. Later I found a pair that fit my fat legs but couldn't get the panty up my thigh!

Since I wear slacks most of the time, I now wear anklets.
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I wear skirts a lot, but I couldn't if I didn't wear tights. I'm "hippy" and my thighs rub together. I wear hue opaque black tights w/out control almost exclusively. Yes they cost more but they last twice as long. Cheap pantyhose are a waste IMO. Also with the Hue tights they stretch every which way so to long or too narrow is not an issue as long as you buy the right size (they have 5). You can cut off the feet too if you get a toe hole and keep wearing them as footless tights until they are threadbare and get a hole somewhere else.

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I have a couple of pairs of nylon pantyhose in a drawer for when I have to get dressed up, which isn't often. I wear tights a lot under jeans in winter, though, usually acrylic ones.
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I don't mind wearing them even if they're out of style. In my opinion they are part of what makes a good "dresser" (like gloves and hat for formal wear)

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I wear thigh highs if anything as I don't like the blob of fat at the top of the waistband on regular pantyhose. I most certainly wear the thigh highs if I'm in a skirt in the winter! bBbBbrbrrrr

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I can't remember the last time I wore panty hose.  Or a dress.  Thank goodness for casual workplace, I wear nothing but jeans (black, white, or blue) and shirts. 

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I think I might have a pair or two of ancient panty hose somewhere in the dresser.   I absolutely hate them and am so glad they're becoming obsolete.    If you look at the celebrities on the award shows and in magazines none of the women were any form of hose --- you can see their nice pediicures.   And I've become addicted to pedicures lately.  Never got them until a couple of years ago.

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I absolutely still wear panty hose.  I attend church regularly.  On Wednesday night services, I usually dress casual with slacks and a sweater.  So I don't wear them then.  On Sunday morning, I like to get out my nice dress, jewelry, heels, purse complete with hair done, fingernails and makeup.  Pantyhose go with it all.

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I have panty hose around here somewhere.  My legs are fish-belly white (I'm a freckled redhead, and I do not tan) so if I'm in a skirt I have to wear hose.  I rarely, rarely wear a skirt or dress, though---it's probably been 12 or 13 years---but I've still got my panty hose, just in case.

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as a new member i always wear vintage stockings all the time and even though they are hard to find you can get them on line.there are a lot of web sites that sell vintage stockings.wavey.gif

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I suppose vintage stockings are quite pretty.


I guess I am just a sock and sneaker gal, (or muck boots)  lol

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I admit, I don't actually like wearing them, but there is something about dressing up in a nice dress, stockings and heels that makes you feel special. Luckily, I don't have to worry about that too much...I think since I got married, I have "dressed up" maybe 1/2 dozen times, but it makes me feel more feminine. And, DH likes it too (maybe I should dress up more?? lol).

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I frequently wear them. I dress up every Sunday for church. I use the kind with some panty control. Penny's sells a kind that is comfortable. Sometimes I wear tights with my sweater dresses and boots..
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