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I am so mad / kitten declawed

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I am so mad about my boss . I work once a week at a priest house to clean it . He has 3 boxers and 2 cats now . The little kitten he just got 3 weeks ago and is about 12 weeks old , but not sure .He also has a Deacon living there most of the time to help him , the priest is often very sick . So today while working there the Deacon told me that Tom (kitten) is not Tom , it is a girl . So I ask him how he found out . He said to me : last week she got fixed and declawed at the same time and thats when they found out it was a she and not a him .I almost exploted . No need to say that I told him how he can allow to declaw the poor kitten ..... I also told him of all the issues they can have after declawing , including the pain . He said NO they don't have any pain at all , Jerry ( the other cat ) is also declawed and is perfectly healthy . I almost lost it . They let Jerry out all the time and are planing to let the kitten out soon . No wonder that poor kitten was sooooo quiet and did not play at all No need to say that I was most of the time in tears over that and wanted to leave
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Awww, poor little kitten! Some people just have no regard for the well-being of their pets . . . they only care about their convenience! Grr, that makes me so mad.

Just a thought . . . is there anything in the Bible about mutilating animals being a sin? That put them for a loop . . .
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Poor little kitty. Too bad you didn't know about the declawing until after the fact. Now, maybe you can give the kitten extra special attention and help it adjust. He needs someone like you around when you go over there to clean.
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poor baby

No wonder she was so quiet!
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CocoMaui , I did gave her very special attention today and I felt her pain in my heart .

AuroraViva , not that I know off . But God made the animals how He wanted them to be . If God wanted a cat with out claws , then He would have made them with out them and not with the claws .
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I'm sure he was just uneducated as to what entails a declaw. Its hard for others to understand, but most people are not aware of what it means, and the vet doesn't usually explain it well.

As frustrating as it is, please just try to educate instead of being angry.
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dtolle, thank you . I think I will try to talk to the Priest next week . Today he had company and did some arrons and had no change talking to him . I am glad that he was gone most of the time , I don't think it would have bin a good day to talk for me with out geting angry at him .
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This is so sad. I agree, I found it odd that a priest would even have a pet that he would change first.
But as Daniella says, it must be an uneducated act, neant well, but without the knowlegde of the reality of it.
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I can't believe how stupid people are. Wonder what he'll do when the kitten starts not using a litter box because of being declawed. Of course he might not notice since he's planning on letting the poor defensless thing out.
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