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What to do?!

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Last night I saw a beautiful gray tabby cat sitting by the garage, but s/he didn't have a collar. I've seen the kitty around a few times before, but this time s/he seemed a *little* heavy around the stomach. It looks like she may be pregnant, because she isn't proportionately chubby. Of course, someone opened the garage door and scared her away...but she slinked along, kind of dragging her belly, so it seems likely she really *is* prego.

I'm not sure what to do. She or he is so beautiful, and doesn't seem to be ill. Our neighborhood is full of outdoor cats, most with collars and homes. My mother says she saw the little gray kitty catch a bird and eat it, so it's possible the cat isn't being fed...

I want to help the cat, but I don't want to encourage a neighborhood kitty party (my indoor-only kittybaby Bek *hates* even seeing other cats through the window) Maybe I'm just overreacting and the kitty has an owner somewhere...

She has /green/ eyes. *swoon* Such a pretty cat. I'll try to get a picture, if she ever comes back.
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She is probably quite pregnant. I would contact a local rescue group and see if someone will come out to trap her for you and make arrangements for them to have custody of her. Sadly she is probably not anyone's pet- just another unfortunate victim of someone not spaying and neutering their cat. Where in Oregon are you? I just saw you and I share the same state? I am in the Williamette Valley
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Hey, I'm in the valley, too! I'll look for a rescue group, but if you know of any in particular that would be willing to help...?
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Would you check your PM? I just sent you one.
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