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Need help

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A co worker wants to put his cat to sleep because he doesn't have the time to give it the attention he thinks it needs and he can't find a home for him. i am looking for some good advice to give him of why this is not a option.
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Wow, that's tough. It's also extremely selfish of your co-worker.

Has he actually exhausted all possibilities of adopting out the cat or did he just ask a couple people if they want a cat? Did he contact the no-kill shelters in the area? Did he contact rescue groups in the area? Put up posters in the local pet supply stores and vet offices?

Why should the cat die just because he won't make the time for it? That's not the cat's fault, and the cat shouldn't have to pay the ultimate price because of the owner's schedule.
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If it is a specific breed cat, you can get the breed rescue cat organizations involved. Any possibility you could take the cat and foster it while you look for a home for it yourself? Sounds like it might be running out of time.

People are so hideous when they decide to put a cat to sleep for selfish reasons, such as they just don't have time for it, can't keep it and are to lazy to look for a home for it, or when it becomes a behavior issue and they just don't want to deal with solving it- so hey- just put the cat to sleep- I'll get another one down the road when it is more convenient! I wish those types of people OFF the planet!
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I wish I could spend more time with Max too, but I love him with all my heart. I only reason that I could see to put an animal to sleep is that they were in too much pain and nothing could be done about it. I don't understand people at all who would adopt an animal and cast them away as if they were trash.
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Where is the cat located?
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