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Ringworm Help!!

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Hello Everyone,

I have two cats, a white persian two-year old (Ralphie) and a 16-week old kitten (Nisi) we adopted from a shelter as a friend for Ralphie. However, Nisi was more than we bargained for--he brought ringworm into our house and now ralphie has it too! Both cats are on Program, and I am putting Conofite lotion on their ears (the only two spots they have it in, thankfully). I've been doing this for about five days already. I am also vaccuuming our house every night and keeping everything as clean as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to keep ringworm away? I read online that spores can live for up to one year in the environment, and I want to keep them from becoming reinfected. Also, I am looking for a good antifungal shampoo and cannot seem to find one. Our vet doesn't have one, does anyone have any advice?

Thanks! Stacey
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Oh the fun of ringworm. Be very careful you and the family don't get it! Sucker is hard to get rid of! The problem too is there are 35 different types of this ringworm.

I would suggest you toss out all pet bedding that cannot be washed thoroughly and cleaned, same with grooming brushes, scratching posts. I know bummer, but the stuff thrives on these items!

The items that can be saved need to soak for one hour in hot hot water (keep adding hot water to this) and also add betadine to the water. Then rinse in a mixture of hot water and 5% chlorine bleach.

Vaccum your rooms thoroughly dispose of the bag immediately, have your carpets and upholstery steam cleaned and wash your walls with bleach and water.

I had this nightmare several years ago, and this is what I did to get rid of it. Also call you doctor (if you have kids?) and tell him you have ringworm in the house and ask him to have a standing order at the pharmacy for medication- just in case. Good luck!
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I would also suggest checking with your vet about keeping them on Program as a preventive in the future.

Revival Animal Health has a good selection of antifungal shampoos-this is a good one:

Your local feed store may carry some also: just check w/your vet to be sure it's safe for your cats.
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