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My kitten keeps peeing on my bed!

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I have two 8 week old little kittens one male one female, their both catbox trained and use it regularly however my male kitten-Mellow keeps peeing on my bed at night. Ive tried the boundry spray but it doesnt work at all. My female kitten-Charlie has no problem with peeing anywhere its just Mellow. He usually only does it at night but today he peed on it all over my bed while i was out. He knows how to use the catbox and i clean it everyday before bedtime, i have no idea what to do. Help!?!?
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With two cats, you may need more than one box, for starters. I also highly recommend using Kitten Attract (or even Cat Attract) litter for now. Where is the box? Little kitties don't always notice they need to go to the bathroom in time to get there, so that's something else to consider. agree.gif

But if you haven't wash the bedding with an enzyme cleaner, and you haven't gotten all the pee smell out of the mattress, the scent of pee (to the cat's nose, not your nose!) will encourage the cat to continue going there. When our Spooky had a problem peeing outside the box, we covered the bed with a large cut-down cardboard box when we weren't in it. A large plastic sheet would work too.

This article should explain what you need to know about cleaning up the pee:
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i don't know how often you clean the litter box but our cat WILL NOT USE the litter box if it gets the least dirty.  I clean it every day  because if i don't and forget to clean it for a day or so - she will pee in the floor next to the litter box and poop in the floor.

some cats are very particular about their litter boxes.

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