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Cats fighting

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Our two cats, (both spayed): Lucy (female, 7 yrs.) and Skeeter (female 2.5 yrs.) have been co-existing very well until last week, when Lucy fell off a kitchen chair and got her paw stuck in a railing. She seemed fine after that, but suddenly became extremely aggressive with Skeeter. They have gotten into fights several times, and Skeeter is being extremely defensive, hissing, howling, and spitting whenever Lucy approaches. Lucy has also exhibited this behavior. At other times, they just seem to tolerate each other, but at a distance.

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Did you take Lucy to the vet? She could be in pain with that paw, and although you won't know it (because cats do not show pain easily) her aggression could be a pain response. She could have soft tissue damage, or injured a claw or? I would take her to the vet right away and have her checked out.
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I took Lucy to the vet, and she checked out OK. What we probably have is a psychological problem, since the other cat (Skeeter) was in the room when Lucy slipped off the chair, and the vet thinks she may have associated Skeeter with her fall and discomfort. The vet has suggested either behavior modification (use a spray bottle when they go at each other) or separating them. I'm trying the latter, keeping Skeeter upstairs, with a gate on the stairway.

Anyone having any other opinions, please chime in.
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Sounds like a slow reintroduction is in order after a cool off period. I like Hissy's idea about putting vanilla extract on their chins and on yourself to make all of you smell the same. Then a gradual reintroduction as if you have a new cat in the house. It sure sounds like Skeeter blaims Lucy for her accident...hopefully time will work this out.
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Vanilla...that's an interesting approach. However, a monkey wrench just got thrown in the works in the form of my daughter who just dropped in for 2 days with her dog.

It's going to get interesting around here!
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