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grapefruit seed extract

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I keep seeing post with this & how great it is for sick kittys. I would love to pick some up to keep around for such an occasion. Where would I get some?
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There's one for you hissy the Queen of Grapefruit Seed Extract
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we got it at our local health food store called haars. it really really works. I give it to them everyday in there water and canned food to keep them from getting sick
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They sell it at The Vitamin Shoppe, as well. (It is a chain like GNC, GNC does NOT carry it). You can orer it online from thevitaminshoppe.com as well.

I also add it to the cats' water.
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LOL! I stumbled on it quite by accident several years ago when my horse was really ill and even the best vets were having problems making him 100%! I have since used it for all the sick ferals that show up here, all the rescues and it has amazing properties to kill any harmful bacteria and fungal infections inside the body. People who travel alot carry it in their purse and add it to the water in foreign countries so they don't get sick. Hubby and I have been taking 2 drops in oj every morning for the last three years, and we have not had a flu, cold, or allergy symptoms since! So yes, I sing its praises for what it can do! But I do not recommend in in lieu of a vet's recommended medication. You can order it through the internet. You want the liquid- it is more potent than the pills.
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Sold me! I just ordered some.
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How expensive is it per ounce?
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I can get a bottle with 2 fluid ozs. for $9.50 and because it is so concentrated it lasts me 2 months.
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how well does it work w/ sinusitis?
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