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chemotherapy for your pet?

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Knowing that most people don't have vet/pet insurance would you all pay thousands of dollars for chemotherapy for your pet?
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I did & that's without the insurance. I know it's expensive but for the peace of mind of knowing I did everything I could it was cheap.
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I did it once and realized after I had put him thru it, I was better off not to have done it. The chemo was very hard on him, and it only extended his life by a few weeks. I felt it was not worth the hardship that I put him thru to keep him in my world for that short time. I did it more for me than for him.

If given the option again, I would do it, but only if it would truly add to the quality of their life, not detract from it. I would spend a lot more time researching the prognosis to see if it was worth putting them thru it.

I watched my mom, dad and father-in-law all pass from cancer, and do not wish that suffering on any of my babies.

Now, when any of my babies become terminally ill and I am making that dreaded decision, I ask myself: am I doing this for them or for me? An honest answer will guide you in the right direction.
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For me it would definitely come down to a quality of life issue. Would the chemo add a long time to their lives? Would the suffering of chemo be worth the amount of time it would extend their life for?

I saw the suffering that chemotherapy caused my mother. In fact, I still think that it was the chemo that killed her, not the cancer. I can't honestly tell you what I would do if I were diagnosed with cancer, let alone my cats.
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It would be a quality of life issue for me too. I think chemotherapy would cause too much suffering and won't extend the pet's life long enough to be worth it.
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I did it once, and vowed never to do it again. It wasn't the cost of it, it was what it did to the poor cat, and we lost him quite quickly after it was over.
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I don't think I would . I have seen what my fatherinlaw went true ... no way that I put one of my babies true that .And lets not forget the money issue , I would not have it to do it in the first place .So my answer is NO
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Even though I do have veterinary health insurance for Spike, it really all boils down to what would be best for him in the end. I wouldn't put him through chemotherapy if he was going to suffer the whole time and have a low quality of life afterwards. Putting him through anything where he's going to suffer, even if it would supposedly cure him, really breaks my heart. Hopefully I'll never need to make that decision.
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A person can choose chemo for themselves. Its a really tough thing to go through. But humans have reasoning abilities, and can understand that the awful effects of chemo are worth it for some eventual benefit in the future. Or at least the possibility of benefit.

Cats don't know that. They just live in the day, and have no ability to decide or reason these things out. My choice would always be, what would cause the least suffering. Surgery with pain meds, I would certainly consider that, because (hopefully) the discomfort can be alleviated. But if pet chemo is anything like human chemo, there is no way I would make that choice for a pet.
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You know I was thinking about that for a while . I sill would not do that no way . I rather put my sweetie pie down from suffering . I know it hurts bad . But then I think I would give a other Kittie a change in my home and may go to the shelter and see if I can save a life . A new cat can help heal the hurt and I would save a life .
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