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Kitty Dreams...

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Just the other night, Snowball started meowing, growling and hooting like an owl...he was sound asleep the whole time this was going on. I wonder what that dream was about???
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He may have chased the bigest mouse he ever sah in his hole life
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My kitties dream, too, and I often wonder what it is they're dreaming of. Hopefully, good things!
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Aww. I wonder what it is they could be dreaming about sometimes, especially when they start that twitching. Sometimes it seems like it's more of a nightmare that they're having.
My Junior makes sounds when he sleeps. I think he actually snores, although it sounds more like a low, deep humming. He'll do it constantly. It's really funny!
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My Boston Terrier Dreams a lot . Sometimes he is barcking in his dreams and his feet also move like he is running . That is so funny to watch
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I would just love to know what they're dreaming about....lots of twitching here, not much verbal. Except once, about a month? after some vet surgery, Ginza was sleeping on me, and he cried out several times in his sleep, jolted up, saw me, looked so relieved, snuggled up and meowed me all about his bad dream. Or he was telling me never to send him back to the vet. It broke my heart.

OMG, I sound like such a downer, I had to edit this. Lorie, that was the funniest picture I got in my head of your dreaming kitty!! Hooting?! Must have been a large mouse!
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I haven't noticed Luna twitching or making noises when she sleeps. She just flops over and spreads out, LOL. Sometimes she looks so cozy, I go curl up next to her and take a nap, too! LOL
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