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Can anyone advise this poor woman?

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A friend asked me to pass this message on. If you can help please email me.

happy 4th of july. to all. Hello,
I got your name off of the yahoo web directory. I'm having a problem
with my 4 year old spayed female cat, Elwood. I brought her into the
vet's last week due to vomitting. After x-rays, the doctor performed
exploratory surgery on Thursday and stated that Elwood probably has one
of the following: hear disease, liver disease or inflammatory bowel
disorder; we should get a pathologist report this week. I picked her up
from the vet's on Saturday, she threw up a few times over the weekend,
and developed "crunchies" under her skin, so I brought her in first
thing Monday morning and she stayed in the hospital during the day. The
vet said that it was a relatively rare condition with air under the skin
and that she wasn't worried about it. Last night, she threw up again,
so today the vet gave me an anti-nausea medicine for her. The thing I'm
worried about is that the air under the skin which through internet
research I've learned is called subcutaneous emphysema is worsening. I
don't know if I should bring her in to the emergency vet or wait and see
what happens until Thursday when the regular vet reopens. Have you ever
come across anything like this before? Do you have any thoughts on what
I should do? I would appreciate any help at all. Thank you, Thea
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I was just wondering if the vet has put this poor baby on a special diet. My Jingles is on a special diet so he does not block anymore. I will also say prayers for a speedy recovery. Please keep us posted.

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I've never encountered anything like that, so I don't have any advice to give. I just wanted to let you know that i'm keeping Elwood in my prayers. I hope that poor girl kitty feels better soon.
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I don't see an update on this very rare and unusual problem. What was the final diagnosis and treatment? It is one to put in the data file for future reference! I hope the cat survived in good health.

With best wishes...
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