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I've been in this board for a while and I've been wondering how many of you guys have actually been to Singapore or nearby regions like Malaysia or Thailand? How do you find these countries?
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For 3 years, my hubby used to drop in for 1-2 wks every month to Malaysia and Singapore to check in on his staff and factory workers, so I went with him a few times. He had to live there briefly. We also have friends both places. Haven't been to other south-east Asian countries yet.

Had to clarify earlier post - reminder to self: don't post when half asleep
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Sorry , Haven't been there!
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Me neither but hubby's brother lived there for two years with his family (for business). His impressions were of a very orderly modern small country. Very strict rules that are enforced pretty effectively. Oh and he said it was even more humid then Israel's coast in summer - which has to be REALLY humid!

When they returned they brought with them tons of gadgets - not sure if everything was from Singapore itself, I think they bought some of it in Thailand on the way back home. Thailand is one place they've been to and hubby's parents have also traveled to Thailand a year ago. They said it was a very beautiful country, very clean and very cheap to travel in.
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Forgot to say that hubby's real interested in learning about those places, especially Singapore.

And Malaysia I believe doesn't accept travelers from Israel. I think so anyway. Isn't it the largest Muslim country in the world?
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My sister's been to Singapore and the Philippines on business. She loved Singapore. We also have clients there. They were hit pretty hard by SARS, but I understand they have that under control now.
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