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My 8 month old is limping!

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My baby is 8 months old, a TOTAL love bug, and VERY energetic (he go from being flat footed on the ground to jumping on top of our 8ft shed)... but he's hasnt been able to put any weight on his right hind leg & i HATE seeing him in pain! What can I do to make him comfortable while his leg heals? I don't think its broken & he doesnt have anything stuck in his paw. So I'm guessing it's only a strain, sprain, or pulled muscle... which I can't imagine a vet could do much about.

If anyone has dealt with a problem like this I would greatly appreciate your advice! I just want to keep him calm and comfy!

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If your kitty can't put weight on his foot he may have a fracture or dislocated knee cap.  My cat had a sprain that lasted for about 2 weeks, but she could still put a little pressure on her foot while she limped around.  Your vet could at least take an x-ray to rule out a fracture.



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I would keep him confined to a room indoors with a heating pad covered with a nice thick towel.  If you don't have a heating pad, you can put some dry rice in an old sock, tie it off, and warm in the microwave.  The heat might help his leg/hip feel better.  Then watch for signs of improvement.  If he's not better by the morning, I'd head to the vet.

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Most cats limping have a paw problem, not an orthopedic one. Carefully trace your index finger over every nook and cranny of his paw back to the rear pad. Even a little tiny splinter buried deep between two pads will cause them to limp.


Then, if the paws are ok work your way up the hind leg, gently rubbing each spot. He will tell you where it is.

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Thanks! We examined his paw & didn't find anything. He won't even let us touch his leg. I'm going to keep him chill for today (or try to anyways) and if he's not feeling better by tomorrow I'll bring him to the vet (none opened on Sunday where I live). For the most part, he sleeps all day long anyways.

Oh yeah, He loves the heating pad... even when he's not injured. But he wont sit on it by himself so it looks like we're going to have a mommy & me day =)

Thanks again for all your advice!

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Is he sleepin a lot? Does his ears feel hot? Is he eating?

I am only asking because when I brought my kitten home, her leg was bothering her too. She was limping and refused to walk. I took her to the vet to discover she had a 105 temp and a nasty virus that attacked her leg joint. She wouldn't eat or use the box either. She was about 7 months old..I think.

At first I thought she twisted or strained a leg or she had gotten bitten by her litter mate ans got infected. Nope, a nasty virus.

I would check her overall health and not just her leg.
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